Monday, May 31, 2010

The Quilting Channel: "Weekly Quilt Contest: Faith And Gratitude"
The Crochet Channel: "Misers Spotted in Florence"
The Cartoon Channel: "2010 Reuben Awards Winners"
The Architecture Channel: "City View Residence in Texas: Art, Sustainability and Quality Design"
The Illustration Channel: "Scientific Analysis of Rembrandt’s Techniques for Guiding the Eye"
The Graphic Design Channel: "Nuzzles: Wooden Name Puzzles"
The Gourmet Channel: "#4304 - Cajun Lemonade..." Can you tell by these last posts I am quite hungry and very thirsty? :-)
The Vegetarian Channel: "Meat-Free Martha"
The Raw Food Channel: "Recipe: Tropical Slushie"
The Ice Cream Channel: "Coconut Ginger Sorbet" IceCream
The Desserts Channel: "Word On The Sweet: Street Treats, A New Mobile Bakery In Seattle"
The Hot Sauce Channel: "Hot-Headz Calypso Caribbean Style Hot Sauce"
The Cheese Channel: "Cheese of the Week: Tronchetto Miele"
The Pizza Channel: "#Vegan pizza pie suggestions, get a free shirt"
The American Idol Channel: "Eight Days a Week by Kristy Lee Cook Probably the best version..."
The World Cub Channel: "New Adidas Ball For World Cup Not Getting Best Reviews" WorldCup
The Asia Channel: "Asian American Commercial Watch: Asians Have Sex, Too"
The South Africa Channel: "Late push for SWC tickets"
The Canada Channel: "Zeus, Matt Murphy & Danielle Duval At The Mod Club"
The London Restaurants Channel: "Spicy Sweet & Sour Tofu"
The England Channel: "#World Cup 2010: 50 Best Players – #4 Wayne Rooney"
The France Channel: "Jumping off the Eiffel Tower"
The Australia Channel: "Junior gardener finds fossils"
The Thailand Channel: "18-year-old's Facebook Posting Spurs 'Hate Campaign'"
The China Life Channel: "Shanghai Driving FAIL"
The Bollywood Channel: "King Khan Outsmokes Salman And Aamir"
The Japan Channel: "George Stephanopoulos Historical Gaffe of the Week"
The iPad Channel: "iPad FAQ: Some Safari Questions Answered"
The Celebrity Babies channel: "Ben Affleck & His Smiley Sweetheart"
The Android Development channel: "What does it take to develop some android applications, our experience"
Music Channel: R.I.P.: "Ali “Ollie” Woodson Formerly Of The Temptations Passes Away"

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Computing Celebrities: "Media suicide watch: It’s working!" Technology
Advanced Sports Fitness: "Australia Is The Fattest Nation In The World Overtaking America"
Design: "Youniq - educational toy design"
Raw Food: "Chakra Juice Reboot Day 2: Sacral Chakra" RawFood Diet
Business: "One Company Took On The NFL And Won" Football
entertainment: "When One-Sheets Lie: Misleading Movie Posters"
Autos: "F1 Istanbul - SUN - Race - Lewis Leads One-two In Turkey"
green: "What will it take to end our oil addiction?"
Thai Life: "The clean up begins in Bangkok" Thailand
Programming News: "#Java vs PHP - Which is the fastest"
Gaming: "SlashGear Week in Review – Week 21 2010"
Camera News: "Getting a People-Free Image in a Crowded Spot"
Entertainment Poker "WSOP Diary: Safari, so good for Noah Boeken"
Today's most popular channels... at no. 1... Body-Art "Find A Way"
Today's most popular channels... at no. 2... Tattoos "Weird & Cool Tattoos"
Today's most popular channels... at no. 3... Home-Theater "Dear Sony: How To Get Your Go Back"
Today's most popular channels... at no. 4... India Culture (Sorry, one of the feeds spammed us. Happens. Removed)
Today's most popular channels... at no. 5... Music Downloads Yukmouth Feat. Curren$y & Chop Black – “Smokin’ Treez”
Today's most popular channels... at no. 6... Celebrity Babies Ben Affleck & His Smiley Sweetheart
Today's most popular channels... at no. 7... Music The First Winners Of The Greener Festival Award Announced
Today's most popular channels... at no. 8 Hip-Hop Music Rajon Rondo’s House Tour
Today's most popular channels... at no. 9 Athletic Shoes under Fashion Nike Elite Mercurial Superfly II Football Boots
Most popular channels today... at no. 10 American Idol Top 10 Idols to Perform Inside a Giant M&M ...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

FantasyFootball: Fantasy Alert! Buster Is Busting Out! Giants Call Up Top Prospect Buster Posey
Google: Google To Roll Out Android 2.2 For Nexus One
Web Business: Some Funny Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Captions
WorldCup: Dempsey gives US happy ending Soccer Football
Internet: An IPhone Lover’s Take On The HTC EVO 4G
Food and Drink: Word On The Sweet: Street Treats, A New Mobile Bakery In Seattle
Art: 'The Diary Of A Preteen Hitchhiker'
Following us is an easy way to suggest that your tweets and/or blog posts be carried on Mattters. You can unfollow us later if you want :-(
Hip-Hop: Halle Berry Is Trippin’
Sports Saturday: Top sports channels.. at no. 10: 'Pro Football News' ProFootball
Sports Saturday: Top sports channels... at no. 9 '#Athletics'
Sports Saturday: Top sports channels... at no. 9 'Martial Arts'
Sports Saturday: Top sports channels... at no. 8 'Oakland Raiders'
Sports Saturday: Top sports channels... at no. 7 'Sports Commentary'
Sports Saturday: Top sports channels... at no. 6 '#Brazilian-jiu-jitsu BJJ'
Sports Saturday: Top sports channels... at no. 5 'Pro Snowboarding'
Sports Saturday: Top sports channels... at no. 4 'Pro Cycling'
Sports Saturday: Top sports channels... at no. 3 '#Skateboarding':
Sports Saturday: Top sports channels... at no. 2 'Kung Fu': KungFu
Sports Saturday: Top sports channels... at no. 1 'Sports':
Memorial Weekend: Started the BayArea Cooking channel: Recipes SanFrancisco SiliconValley
Memorial Weekend: Started the BayArea Foodie channel: SanFrancisco SiliconValley Cooking
Memorial Weekend Expanded the IceCream channel Yummy
Memorial Weekend Expanded the BBQ channel Barbecue Grill Cooking
Memorial Weekend: Expanded the NewYork Foodie channel: NYC Restaurants Reviews
Memorial Weekend: Expanded the BayArea Foodie channel: SanFrancisco
Sports Saturday: Added the Hot Sauce channel: (I know, but eating hot sauce SHOULD be a sport!)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Barbecue this weekend? The new and improved BBQ channel:
Memorial Weekend, Bourbon, and no work tomorrow
Scotch Malt Whiskey news and reviews:
Perhaps some imbibing this Memorial Weekend is called for? the Whiskey News Channel:
In case a little more potent celebratory imbibing is be called for... like some Cocktails and Spirits
Perhaps some vino to toast this Memorial Day (and honor our Veterans).. the Wine channel:
Gonna be a wee bit thirsty this Memorial Day Weekend maybe? The Brewsky channel:
On a special diet this Memorial Weekend? The Gluten-Free channel:
Be kind to animals (and healthier!) this Memorial Day... the Vegan Food channel:
Feel the best you can be this Memorial Weekend. The Raw Food channel:
Food Friday: Here's to a healthier Memorial Weekend. The Vegetarian channel:
Food Friday: Not up for BBQ? The Pizza channel: Memorial Weekend
Food Friday: A hot Holiday weekend... the Barbecue BBQ channel
iPads NBC, Time Warner Say No To iPad?
Frightful, just Frightful! Friday: Vampires Twilight Eclipse and all that yummy blood
Frightful Friday: Horror Reviews Ah, to be young again and get nightmares from Weird Tales Comics
Frightful Friday: Horror Movies The moon goes behind a cloud and your friends decide to split up
Frightful Friday...!... Cult Movies OK, not so frightful. Sometimes [always?] outright hilarious. Fun scary.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today's most popular channels... at no. 1... '#India Culture' About those things that make India special
Today's most popular channels... at no. 2 'Home Theater' HomeTheater Video DVD 5.1 Stereos
Today's most popular channels... at no. 3 'Body Art' Tattoos and (soon) Piercings
Today's most popular channels, at no. 4: '#Tattoos' Stories and photos of the most artistic tattoos in the world
Today's most popular channels... no. 5 '#Music Downloads' Stories about new and old albums - some with MP3 clips
Today's most popular channels... at no. 6 '#Gay Life' Articles by gay guys about their lives
Today's most popular channels... at no 7: '#Celebrity Babies' You know... newborns, famous people
Today's most popular channels... at no. 8: 'Places' Travel England India Thailand Japan
Today's most popular channels, at number 9: Lifestyle: Fashion Luxury Watches Cigars
Today's most popular channels, at number 10: Fashion Addict:

May 27: An Update

Always expanding channels and creating new ones it seems.

Expanded our coverage for the iPhone SDK channel for developers of iPhone apps. It is called the iPhone SDK channel instead of the, for example, iPhone Development channel because most people seem to search for the SDK when they search for this type of information.

Ah, we are all slaves to the search engines.

Of course, researching the iPhone SDK permitted us to expand the main iPhone news channel, the Apple News channel and even the Android Developers channel.

You may notice that sometimes we link to the default, Gazette view of a channel and sometimes to the larger, Tribune view of a channel. Personally I am growing more fond each day of the Tribune version, but it is slower to load sometimes than the Gazette - so in fairness to people with a slower connection, we link to the Gazette version more often than not.

We added a Pakistan News channel recently. This is kind of an experiment... We get a lot of Pakistani visitors (hi!) but if the Pakistan government decides not to like our site because of our news channel, then they will end up getting LESS information than more, which is the whole point of adding the channel in the first place. We'll see.

We significantly expanded the GLBT channels. This includes the Gays, Lesbians, and LGBT channel. As with the men channel and the women channel, we want the channels to be no more risque than, say, your average cable TV channel. Just not a problem we see (yet!) with, say the Android Phone Development channel! [and why the Gay and Lesbian channels are plural and the Men and Women channels are not... couldn't tell ya. We'll probably change them to be one or the other... eventually.]
Think Thursday: The Science News channel: A flood of information about new discoveries being made every day
Think Thursday: The Physics channel: Cool factoids about physics and how the world works
Think Thursday: The Life Sciences channel:
Think Thursday: The Space Science channel: Cause of Black Hole Outbursts Determined
Think Thursday: The Space Professionals channel: collecting posts and tweets of Astronauts and NASA
Think Thursday: The Astronomy Enthusiasts channel: expert amateurs who really love astronomy
Think Thursday: The Astronomy and Space channel: Stories and tweets about space and astronomy
Think Thursday: The Teaching channel: Articles by teachers on, uh, teaching, learning, schools and students.
Think Thursday: The Advanced Math channel: Articles by Mathematicians, computer science researchers etc.
Think Thursday: The Math channel: Intermediate math with a lot of brain teaser kind of articles
Thinking Thursday: The Ideas channel: interesting and sometimes challenging discussions about everything
iPad Mattters News and views - tweets and posts about... iPads
iPads The iPad Channel: "Apple iPad in Test (iPad review)"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AmericanIdol The American Idol channel "Lee DeWyze gets undeserved win over Crystal Bowersox"
American#Idol The American #Idol channel: - Crystal with Joe Cocker, shades of Janis Joplin IMHO
AmericanIdol The American Idol channel: "Paula Abdul Returns to Bid Simon Cowell Farewell"
AmericanIdol The American Idol Channel: And here I thought Joe Cocker was the sure winner.
AmericanIdol: The American Idol channel: Simon Cowell – Ryan Seacrest Interview
AmericanIdol: The American Idol channel: Final night. Fun to watch whoever wins.
Mobile Mattters: The Startups channel: - "Whitepaper On The Ins And Outs Of Monetizing Mobile Apps"
Social Mattters: the Mobile Marking channel: Foursquare Talks Business At Startup2010
Social Mattters: Social Marketing success on the Pro Blogging channel:
Social Mattters: The browsers channel: Chrome Firefox Opera Safari Webkit
Social Mattters: SearchEngineOptimization / SEO is needed for people to find each other in order to 'socialize'
Social Mattters: Internet and Online Marketing channel: Yahoo's Bartz Promises Movement on Ad Products and Revenue
Social Mattters: The Social Media channel: and Social Developer Summit Agenda
Social Mattters: The Social Gaming SocialGaming. Social Network meets Gaming
Social Mattters: The Twitter channel: and Facebook vrs. Twitter
Social Mattters: The Facebook channel: and Facebook’s Privacy Changes Announcement
Health Matters: Finally, the Healthy Recipes channel recipes for cooking everyday food in healthier ways.
Health Mattters: The Green Tea channel GreenTea is not the only Healthy tea covered, but it is a good starting place
Health Mattters: The Gluten-Free channel Deep coverage of wheat-free diets in a wheat-dominated culture
Health Mattters: The Raw Food channel Extensive coverage of how to eat to get ALL of the nutrients nature offers us
Health Mattters: The Vegan channel: Extensive coverage of animal-product-free cooking and dining and life
Health Mattters: The Vegetarian channel: veggies (like me!) may want to avoid this channel near mealtimes.
Health Mattters: Advanced Yoga for those who have practiced the basics and want to learn more
Health Mattters: The Basic Yoga channel: for those just starting to try to improve their posture and range of motion
Health Mattters: Advanced and Sports Fitness: See and read about others getting into tip top condition.
Health Mattters: The Family Fitness channel: dieting and exercise topics to help make everyone more fit.
Health Mattters: The Weed channel - about medical marijuana / cannabis for when all else fails
Health Mattters: The Advanced and Sports Nutrition channel optimize one's intake for the highest performance
Health Mattters: The Basic Nutrition channel can help everyone be happier and healthier

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Filed under 'Personal'... the GLBT channel
A playful and superhero-driven Tuesday webs its way with the Spiderman channel:
The Playful and fun Tuesday continues with the Anime and Manga channel:
Playful and fun Tuesday: The Billiards (#pool) channel:
Playful Tuesday: The Sudoku channel:
Playful Tuesday: The Poker channel: (not so playful if it is for money, though!)
Tuesday Toys: (breakfast time, time to go!): The Social Gaming (SocialGaming) channel: FarmVille and more...
Tuesday Toys: The Pinball Games channel Pacman, etc. when games were fun, addictive with only cartoon violence.
Tuesday Toys: The Chess channel: One of the world's most easy-to-learn, hard-to-master games.
Tuesday Toys: The Games channel: For young and old (and middle-aged) kids.
Tuesday Toys: The kids Toys channel: Big kids are welcome too :-)
Tuesday Toys: The Gadgets channel: The toys for geeks who are lousy (like me) at games.
Tuesday Toys: The Gaming channel: In some ways the ultimate toys of our times.
Tuesday Toys: The High-End Audio (HighEndAudio) channel: Some toys are meant to be played.
Tuesday Toys: The Motorcycle channel: . Some toys are meant to be ridden...
Tuesday Toys: The Ferrari channel: Oh yes, a FAST toy too.
Tuesday Toys: (a few more auto 'toys' :-). The BMW channel:
Tuesday Toys: The Dream Car channel:
More for you intrepid coders on the forefront of mobile technology: The Google Android Development channel:
More for early morning (or late night!) coders: The iPhone SDK Programming channel
Tech Tuesday? We'll see. But for early morning (or late night!) coders: The Programming channel

Monday, May 24, 2010

Expanded the (already quite extensive) Wine channel (thanks Jim!)
Fashion Monday: The Celebrity Shoes channel: This is also a very popular channel.
Fashion Monday: WristWatches ... The Watches channel:
Fashion Monday: The Sneaker Shoe channel: Also very popular.
Fashion Monday: The Athletic Shoe channel: Very popular.
Fashion Monday: wrapping up the 1st day of the week: the Men's Fashion channel:
Fashion Monday: Beautiful people. Beautiful clothing. Beautiful photography. Art. The Fashion Art channel:
Fashion Monday: Bold. Making a statement. Or just need to be your own person. The Fashion Rebel channel:
Fashion Monday: Comments about what other people are wearing FashionCritic: The Fashion Critique channel:
Fashion Monday: What's new? Who just did What?! The Fashion News channel:
Fashion Monday: Real people, real fashion: StreetFashion, The Fashion Sightings channel:
Fashion Monday: Where everybody shows everybody else what they just bought: The Fashion Share channel:
Fashion Monday: The insiders, the models, the Fashion Scene channel:
Fashion Monday: The Fashion Addict channel one of the most popular - people not at all embarrassed about their passion
Fashion Monday: The Celebrity Fashion channel: What they are wearing and where they are wearing it.
Fashion Monday: The Shoe: and Celebrity Shoe channels: Both the strange and the beautiful...
Fashion Monday: The Purses and Bags channel: a very intense trip thru purse and bag country. Enter at your own risk.
Fashion Monday. I know but fashion Friday turned into Green Friday so music Monday is temp'arily fashion Monday. Green Friday was great tho
Now the fun stuff! Bollywood: Indian Food Music Cricket
The India Business and Technology channel: I guess it is pretty clear what that is :-)
The India Culture channel is about the special things about living in India - what it is like to live there:
The Indians channel is stories and comments by Indians living both in and outside of India:
And then there are our Indian friends: the India News channel:
The Thai are busy with their politics: The Thailand News channel but other channels cover the wonderful Thailand
Business in Japan is important to many companies.. and the Japanese too! The Japan Business channel:
Japan is another popular channel: along with the being Japanese channel:
Experts divulge information and advice about how to do Business in China on The China Economy channel:
People, of all races, writing about living in China and what that is like:
Mattters has extensive coverage of Asia. Today we'll start here: the China channel:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I hate to mention this channel - in case you have not eaten your square meal yet... but we do have a dessert channel:
Long sunny day (hope yours was too) time for a Beer perhaps? The Beer channel: Hmm... need a Fruititarian channel
Even the city looks beautiful this time of year: The Urban Forest channel: UrbanForest
Sunny Sunday: Cooling off. Time to check out the Pro Tennis news maybe?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Added the Pro Tennis channel: Some people are very nervous about tomorrow's FrenchOpen
Added the Pro Wrestling channel: SOME people are having WAY too much fun tonight...

Updates, Vampires, Wrestling and Tennis

Working on Sports Saturday... how typical.

Slowed down the popups for each channel at the top of the page... it was acting too much like those annoying ads everybody seems to have on the top of their pages these days. So now, you have to put the mouse on a channel, and leave it there, and THEN you get the popup and get to see all the sub-channels and their top stories.

OK, added to the Vampires channel, especially stories about Twilight...

Added a brand spanking new channel: the Pro Wrestling channel. Used to be a real fan, but have been very slack the last few years. Bad me.

Added another channel: the Pro Tennis channel. The French Open is happening NOW, and besides, it is so sunny out (finally!!!) perfect tennis weather.

OK, what should be next....? Suggestions? :-)
The new Bluegrass channel is now finally working:
Do to overwhelming consensus ;-) renamed the Social Web channel to Social Media SocialMedia
Sports Saturday, winding down: The Skateboarding channel for your Extreme sports fix:
Sports Saturday: Love to RockClimb? (we're in the rock climbing capital of the U.S.) The Climbing channel:
Sports Saturday: Love to Fish? The next best thing to being there: the Fishing channel
Sports Saturday: Love to Surf? (I love to look at all the photos): The Surfing channel:
Sports Saturday: Love to Run? The Running channel:
Sports Saturday: A perfect day for hiking: The Hiking channel:
Sports Saturday: Going for a Swim? That's what the spousal unit is doing while I slave away. The Swimming channel:
Sports Saturday: TableTennis / PingPong anyone? The Table Tennis channel:
Sports Saturday: The Cricket channel: India vrs England vrs Pakistan vrs... the World!
Sports Saturday: If we could all be so lucky! The Yachting channel:
Sports Saturday: the Rugby channel - some of the toughest guys and gals on the planet
Sports Saturday: The Soccer channel: & World Cup 2010 channel:
Sports Saturday: The Pro Cycling channel: all about Bicycle racing and (amazing!) endurance
Sports Saturday: The Baseball channel: (a beautiful day for it, but a little windy(!))
Sports Saturday: The Motor Sports channel: car racing, motorcycle racing, NASCAR, F1
Sports Saturday: The Pro Golf channel: Yes, some TigerWoods stories, but mostly good old golfing
Sports Saturday: The Fantasy Football channel Finally, a way to keep track of the TONS of stories each day
For Music lovers everywhere, added the Folk Music channel
For music lovers everywhere, started the Americana Music channel:
For music lovers everywhere... expanded the Country Music channel:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Green Mattters: Homesteaders, people, often ex-urbanites, who live on a family-sized farm: The Tiny Farms channel:
Green Mattters: People writing about trying to live and be more green: The Green Living channel:
Green Mattters: in the trenches (literally!): the Vegetable Gardening channel:
Green Mattters: The Flower Gardening channel: Natures way of rewarding us for all our hard work.
Green Mattters: The Sustainable Living / Sustainability channel: Carbon footprint reduction techniques
Green Mattters: The ClimateChange, pollution - information and activism: the Green Environment channel
Green Mattters: Innovations that help the world be more green, less wasteful: The Green Technology channel:
Green Mattters: Be more independent, grow your own food. The UrbanFarming channel
Green Mattters: Eat Local food, shop local, all about how to live locally: Localism
Green Mattters: Top level channel for everything green: Be green, everybody. Make it so.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Media May: The Romance Novels channel for the young at heart:
Media May: The Web Comics channel: - art, drama, satire, humor...ya can't lose with a line up like that!
Media May: the Asian Cinema channel with movies from Japan and Thailand and HongKong: I Love old wire-fu movies!
Media May: Marvel, DC, Darkhorse or GraphicNovel: the ComicBooks Channel - which will be a movie next?
Its Media May(hem) and for people (like me!) who love books just because they are books: The Bibliophile channel
Media May: the Book channel news and reviews of many genres of books (#sci-fi, crime, mystery, romance)
Media May: the Media News channel on the evolution of traditional media into digital realms (like the iPad)
Media May: SocialMedia and the Social Media channel is always controversial (in a good way)
Media May (it can't be Thirsty Thursday every week, can it? can it?!) starting with AmericanIdol American Idol channel

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Awesome Wednesday: AmericanIdol ... The American Idol channel:
AmericanIdol keeps getting better! Is Elton really going to be a judge? The American Idol channel:
World Wednesday: The world at your fingertips (literally with an iPad, huh? The Travel channel

Bits and Pieces

We continue to add world class bloggers and tweeps to all of the 600 odd channels.

For example, the Pets channels

Like Cokie the Cat (Thanks Cokie!) Cat bloggers are always so nice, and so upbeat. If you are ever feeling down to start taking like too seriously, check out the cat channels: Cats, Kitties and Kitty Cats. (Oh, and I am sure that Cokie would want me to mention that she is an editor over at the Anipal Times blog as well).

Now, someone might think we are being a wee bit silly with having all these channels for cats. And we do not really look at each cat that is posting and decide, at some point, "Oh! this kitty is now a kitty cat, we better move them to the kitty cat channel". In fact, there is no difference between these channels: they cover the same topic - except that they contain completely different bloggers and tweeps and therefore completely different stories.

Does this make sense? Well, it did at 2:00am when we made them, but... what do you think? Should we collapse them into one channel - the Cats channel?

Let us know if you have an opinion, and also.

[you might notice we are linking to the Tribune view of the pages. People seem to like the Tribune as much as the Gazette views, and so we are trying to expose more people to the Tribune]
World Wednesday: Love F1 anybody? The Formula-One channel:
World Wednesday: The Cricket channel: . Any cricket fans here?
World Wednesday: The Soccer /#football WorldCup 2010 channel: ... !
World Wednesday: experience some of the wonderful world of Japan on the Japan channel:
World Wednesday: The most livable city: Vancouver Canada on the Vancouver channel:
World Wednesday: About down under: the Australia channel:
World Wednesday: India, Bollywood, life and times in India on the India channel
World Wednesday: the China channel business, technology, photos and stories by Chinese and Chinese expats
World Wednesday: And if we are talking about travel, what can be but next but the French and the France channel?
World Wednesday: And who doesn't want to travel and visit the jolly good English? The England channel:
World Wednesday: Hopefully things calm down for the wonderful Thai people... the Thailand channel
World Wednesday: In most places in the world one can find my fave food: as seen on the Indian Food channel:
World Wednesday: As we click-travel around the world... listening to Indian Music:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The ultimate American Idol News channel - for fans and the rest of us who don't admit it :-)
Everyone ready to shout at the TV tonight? :-) The American-Idol channel:
Tech Tuesday: The High-End Home Audio channel: for Audiophiles who feed their ears only the very best
Tech Tuesday: The Home Theater channel for all your DVD playing Video needs:
Tech Tuesday: The Audio / Video channel: contains two of the best channels in consumer electronics...
Tech Tuesday: Love my digital Canon 5D, took 30K+ photos, but it is a MARK I *argh!*. The Cameras channel:
Tech Tuesday: The don't know what it is for exactly but I WANT ONE: The Apple iPad channel:
Tech Tuesday: In the other corner, the world chamPEEN!!! The Apple iPhone channel:
Tech Tuesday: In this corner, the con-TEND-er!!! the Google Android and the Android channel:
Tech Tuesday: (OK, it shows huh? we do like our tech) The Mobile Channel:
Tech Tuesday: Electronic Gaming, you know: the Xbox, Nintendo, PS3, aka Video Games. The Gaming Channel:
Tech Tuesday: Apple, Microsoft, and the entire Technology Industry - The Business of Technology channel: