Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Major overhaul nearing completion, plus Martial Arts channels have moved

[Thanks for all of your patience. Hopefully you are enjoying the added speed of the 'today' pages and not cursing the slowness of some of the 'archive pages too much. ]

Finally moved the Martial Arts channels out from under Personal/Fitness into Sports [Weeell, it seemed to make sense at the time. And its not the worst thing that 'seemed to make sense at the time' either].

For those that don't know, the Martial Arts channel has several specialized channels: Aikido [one of my all-time favorites], BJJ [this I only learned about recently. Yes, I do live under a rock - how did you know?], Judo, Karate and Taekwondo, Kung Fu [no, not the TV program, which was great... but this is not that] , MMA [very popular, especially with everyone mixing styles from everywhere these days], QiGong [my current fave], Tai Chi and several others.

The Yoga channel will likewise be moved into sports/athletics [make sense? hope so] from it current location in personal/fitness. [well, hopefully it at least makes more sense than its current location]

Advanced and Sports Fitness will also be moved into sports/athletics but Family Fitness will be moved under family or stay where it is and merged into the general fitness channel. Similar things will happen with the two similarly named nutrition channels.

Don't worry - All your links will still work. This will just help new people find these channels, hopefully, because they will now be where a reasonable person might expect them to be ;-)
The CelebrityGossip Channel: Megan Fox – Will Brian be able to accept a more successful wife? Celebrities Gossip
The Soccer Channel: Venus won't retire Worldcup Sports News
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Fifa to release tickets of disappointed fans FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The ProTennis Channel: Shock exit for Williams sisters Tennis
The WorldCup2010 Channel: England fan fined for trespassing FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The Snowboarding Channel: Jack Link's Sasquatch Makes His Return Sports Extreme
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Xavi excited by Spain FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The Startups Channel: European Commission Launches Consultation On Net Neutrality Entrepreneur
The WorldCup2010 Channel: A new beginning FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The MartialArts Channel: Just checking in… MMA Kungfu Taichi BJJ
The WorldCup2010 Channel: WC failure sets off blame game in Italy FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The MediaNews Channel: "Damaging To Culture", Online Library Smashed By Police Media Journalism
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Match Review & Highlights: Spain 1-0 Portugal FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The SocialMedia Channel: Fashion News: The Chambord Shine Awards 2010 by CallmeKBro Social Media
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Match Review & Highlights: Spain 1-0 Portugal FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The TinyFarms Channel: Prairie Walk--The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Urbanfarming Farming Homesteading
The WorldCup2010 Channel: England fan fined for trespassing FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The Desserts Channel: Pecan Pie for Two Sweets Chocolate
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Villa offers support for Torres FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The Golf Channel: Mark Nessmith: TPC Las Vegas celebrating the 4th of July with discount green fees, more Sports
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Fifa to release tickets of disappointed fans FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The InternetAdvertising Channel: The ADVERTISING Club of New York Honors GEICO's Ted Ward as 2010 Advertising Person of the Year
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Fifa to release tickets of disappointed fans FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The GreenLiving Channel: monday moment of zen Green Carbonfree
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Echoes of 2006 FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The Golfing Channel: Gold's Factory Tiger Woods Style Design Putter Sports
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Heitinga blasts English egos FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The TinyFarms Channel: Fish Fajitas Urbanfarming Farming Homesteading
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Heitinga blasts English egos FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The GratefulDead Channel: Daily Dead Blog Tweets for 2010-06-27 Music Thedead
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Soundoff: What Grade Would You Give World Cup 2010 So Far? FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The Business Channel: And The Nominees For The "Best Dive" Category Are Lionel Messi... And Gold Investing Finance Stocks
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Gyan boost for Ghana FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The Watches Channel: Xetum Tyndall
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Gartside wants Capello stay FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The Climbing Channel: RMNP Sports Extreme
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Match Review & Highlights: Spain 1-0 Portugal FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The GameDevelopment Channel: Are Zombies Cool? (Or Overdone) Gaming

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The WorldCup2010 Channel: Cele claims tabloid plot in security breach FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The Humor Channel: Police: Woman Used Toilet Lid As Weapon Comedy Funny Lol
The WorldCup2010 Channel: List of referees for remaining matches announced FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The BMW Channel: BMW M3: Celebrating 25 years and 4 generations of a great car [Video] Cars Autos
The WorldCup2010 Channel: Okada laments missed chances FIFA World Cup Wc2010 Soccer
The MartialArts Channel: Dana White Comments On Fedor Emelianenko's Loss This past Saturday Night MMA Kungfu Taichi BJJ <a href=''>martial-arts</a>

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Site Improvements Status: DEFCON 3?

Still lots of glitches... but the idea is that the site should never slow to a crawl or be inaccessible anymore. And the glitches? We tryin' to fix those too.

Haven't added or revamped any channels in the last few days. We have added a number of Tweople, scattered about across the channels. One thing we have certainly learned, good Tweople (that are just right for Mattters) are few and far in-between. But we're finding them and they are finding us.

OK. Hope everyone's weekend was fun. Or relaxing. Or both!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two Teas into One, Apache into Web Servers and now... Model Railroads

Well, it made sense (or rather, the way it was no longer made sense) so now the Teas channel and the More Teas channel are now just one Teas Channel. Yay!

Simpler huh? We need to do this for several other fractured channels... Cats, Animation, Mommies, etc.

We expanded the focus of the Apache channel and changed the name to the Web Servers channel. Music more clear what it is about to non software people - and we can now include Nginx, Varnish (I know, it is only an accelerator, but...) and other types of related web server-ish software on this channel.

Added a new channel: Model Railroads. How many of us played with Lionel Trains Sets? Well, some people still do (the lucky stiffs). Finally found a group of folks who are less likely to have Alexa toolbars than us High-end Audio folk.

And, OK, we are not turning into Twitter (referring to Twitter being down a lot) but we were down a few times today. We are making the transition to a much faster web server (ah, now you see the connection, huh?) and hopefully overloading the server will be a thing we will all look back on a laugh (yeah, when we are old and senile and laugh at everything. Right now, I can't wait. Senility... come take me away.....)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Nostalgia and the Retro Channel

[No, we're not on vacation. As the traffic to the site increases, it is getting a might slower than optimal - so we're working to fix that. Hopefully we'll be done before we go nuts. OK, nuttier.]

We added a Retro channel a few days ago. It is nostalgic for those of us who lived 'back in the day'. It certainly is... it does something to the brain to see all this stuff - reminds me of days gone by - of days I'd forgotten.

And , yes, we have indeed started the 60s, 70s and 80s channels under the Retro channel. Because they mattter, that's why. :-) [Nostalgia is such a deep and melancholy emotion, if emotion is what it really is].

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Expanded the World Cup 2010 Channel

The FIFA World Cup 2010 channel was expanded a little, which means by a lot in terms of number of stories(!) - there is so much going on right now. Hopefully none of the new tweeps and blogs dominates the channel, but it is a little hard to tell right now - keep getting distracted by reading the actual stories. :-) [yes, I know smiley faces are passe, but *I* still like them ;-)]

This World Cup is supposed to be (I read somewhere) 264 times as popular as the super bowl here in the U.S. (obviously this is globally, of course). Very impressive.

We sure hope our special FIFA World Cup 2010 channel is up to it (there ARE other World Cups out there, so some people add the FIFA in front of it. Such a confusing world, tell me about it). It kind of splits the stories with our usual, everyday Soccer channel (which most people in the world cal football. See? Confusing.)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New and old Toys channel

We greatly expanded the toys channel. There is some overlap with both the comic books channel and the geek channel and even the new retro channel (more about this in another post).

The way we try to setup these channels is this:

The Toys channel is for kids and adults who just happen to love toys (lime me!). There is talk about comic books here too, but most in the context of action figure toys.

The Geek channel covers toys that are a little more strange and intellectual.

The comic book channels may mention action figures and toys, but only in the context of talking about comic books...

And the nostalgic Retro channel has posts about toys, sometimes, and action figures too, about which kids of today would have no clue about just how cool these toys really are :-)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Channel: Drupal Customization and Programming (PHP) News

Drupal is a very popular content management system (CMS) written in the PHP programming language.

We finally started a Drupal channel, having had the PHP channel for quite a while now (as part of our programming languages section). We've had a placeholder for a long, looong time, and now we expanded it enough to release it on the internet.

Interesting thing, so far, about most of the Drupal blogs we have found - most are run by software developing companies that specialize in helping people with their Drupal configurations and installations. This is good in as much as they should know what they are talking and writing about. It is not so good in as much as we are probably missing a lot of good blogs by ordinary people who use Drupal (perhaps for their own business).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Comic Books: Spider-man, Iron Man, Hulk, Superman, Batman

We significantly expanded the comic book channels.

The DC Comics channel (featuring Aquaman, Doom Squad, Flash and Doom Patrol and of course Batman and Superman) has been brought up to equal, and surpass the Marvel Comics channel (Spider-man, Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, Fantastic Four).

I am sure that the Marvel channel will be expanded itself someday soon.

Added a whole new comic book history channel. It is great to see some of the old, and in some ways better, comics from the Golden Age (however one defines that).

The comic book news and comic book reviews channels have also grown, as has the related comic book art channel.

Spiderman is the only superhero with his own channel so far. With at least 3 (last I counted) concurrent comics to his name each month, and all great, it is easy to see why. Oh yeah, and the movies. Somewhat surprised Hulk does not have more followers. Hopefully now that World War Hulk (part 1) was such a success, he will pull out of the doldrums he has been in since, my opinion, Peter David and his 'smart Hulk'.

'Nuf Said
The Comic Book Channel: What Are You Reading? ComicBooks Marvel DC
The Autos Channel: Le Mans-winning 1959 Ferrari 250 GT TdF on the block at Mecum Monterey Cars
The Internet Tips Channel: Google adds World Cup themes category to Chrome Extensions Gallery WorldCup
Internet Tips: Think Safari Reader looks familiar? Apple used open source Readability code
Internet Tips: First Chrome OS Systems Google
Online Marketing Channel: Google Analytics Landing Pages SEM SEO
The Startup Channel: Facebook For The Dead and other news Business Entrepreneur
The Vegetarian Channel: Cracking a Coconut Food Cooking
The BBQ Channel: Sunday Breakfast On Da Bayou Barbecue Grilling
The new Bread Channel: baggy crust! Baking Cooking
The Beer Channel: Bud Light Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup cans approved Budweiser StanleyCup
The Beer Channel: Beer Vs. High Rollers Brewsky Ale Pilsner Ahhhhhh
The Coffee Channel: Dean & Dleuca Adds Shot Of Charity
The AmericanIdol Channel: So You Think You Can Dance 7 – Top 11 Spoilers Idol
The AmericanIdol Channel: Eminem disses David Cook; Siobhan Magnus with Hanson Gossip

Saturday, June 12, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 - Soccer / Football Championship Games

Our FIFA World Cup 2010 channel is quite popular - as is our Soccer channel. They both cover the games - the ones in the special World Cup channel are, however, more or less dedicated just to this one game.

The Soccer channel is supposed to be a long term channel focused on Soccer in the U.S. and Football, as they call it, everywhere else. The World Cup channel is kind of sort of supposed to be a channel dedicated to a specific event. In reality what happens is that event channels take on a life of their own - for a year or so until the next event anyway. We'll have to figure a way to make this work by next year's World Cup, huh?

Certainly is exciting and it is good to see so many countries competing and the fans so happy. Guess a few fans will be disappointed when their teams don't win... but right now everyone is so hopeful!

Fashion and Photos

The Fashion channels look just like we want ALL the channels to look... lots of tantalizing photos that look nice and entice our visitors to click to see more.

Of course, all those photos... they load fast but... we need to make them load faster. So we are. One of the things we are working on in addition to continually adding and expanding channels.

I think my personal favorite Fashion channel is the Fashion Sightings channel (which probably should be called Street Fashion. Oh well, someday). I must be quite fashionable myself - while in Vegas somebody professional looking took a photo of me on the street, pointing out that I made quite a fashion statement (I was in a hurry to get somewhere for a dinner appointment - so I didn't linger). Who knows, maybe it was someone from What Not To Wear, lol.
The Cult Movies Channel: BRUCE HAACK - HAACKULA (Unreleased, 1978) Horror Dracula
The Fashion Trends Channel: rag and bone resort 2011
The Fashion Channel: Like vintage pornography, without the nudes... and other news photography
The Fashion Channel: The Tierry Mugler Conundrum: Who Will Be Creative Director?
The Physical Science Channel: Google adopts Hella - the official prefix for 10^27 Physics
The Gay Life Channel: CBS News Poll: Folks likes the Gays
The Social Gaming Channel: FrontierVille: Everything You Need To Know
The Gaming channel: Dell Streak 5-inch Android-powered tablet Review
The Rap Channel: Kid Cudi Arrested In NYC and other news
The Rap Channel: Preview Of Nicki Minaj In Blackmen Magazine Music
The HipHop Channel: Who Could Possibly Want To Cover Their Cakes At The Beach??? Music Celebrity
The HipHop Channel: XV 'T.A.L.K.' Headlines New Downloads Music
The Britney Spears Channel: Britney Spears & Jason Trawick: Holding Hands!
The Justin Bieber Channel: JUSTIN BIEBER, KING OF BELIEBERS! (not in English but great photos)

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Justin Bieber Channel: Justin dances at Johnny Rockets in the Bahamas
The Ruby on Rails Channel: RailsConf 2010: Spree and The Ecommerce Smackdown RoR
The Ruby On Rails Channel: The Road To Passenger 3: Technology Preview 1 – Performance RoR
The Science Channel: Best Team Not Guaranteed World Cup Success WorldCup FIFA
The Android Development Channel: High-end Android GPU showdown Google Droid Coder
The Android Channel: Interview with HTC CEO Peter Chou at D8 Google Droid
The Justin Bieber Channel: Rehearsing in the Bahamas all day...getting excited for the tour...
The Justin Bieber Channel: Just at the MuchMusic Awards
The BMW Channel: Spy Photos: 2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe F12 Cars Autos
The BMW Channel: BMW Issues Recall For All 1-series Sold Between 2008 And 2010
The Celebrity Gossip Channel: Gary Coleman’s adoptive parents on The Today Show: we didn’t steal his money
The Celebrities (in their own words) Channel: Dinner with ME! (Tommy Lasorda)
The Soccer Channel: Team news and lineups: Argentina v Nigeria WorldCup FIFA wc2010
The Soccer Channel: Uruguay V France (and fan's entertaining costumes) FIFA wc2010 WorldCup
The WorldCup Channel: Nigeria's Martins wary of Argentina threat FIFA wc2010 Soccer
WorldCup: 35 Selected for Hyundai Best Young Player Award FIFA wc2010
The WorldCup Channel: Parreira: The Draw Keeps Us Alive SouthAfrica FIFA wc2010 Soccer Football
The Tattoos channel: THE TATTOOED MEN of OLD JAPAN 入れ墨
The Paris Channel: How To Be a Parisienne: 10 Golden Rules France Humor
The Paris Channel: Paris’ not-to-be-missed restaurants French Foodie
The Paris Channel: Marsha Moore – 24 Hrs Paris France
The Qigong Channel: Taijiquan Dao, Tai Chi Saber (book review) TaiChi MartialArts MMA
The Scotch Whiskey Channel: Tasting Two New Indie Imperial
The Blogging Tips Channel: FBML Tutorial Videos Facebook
The Asian Food Channel: Madrid & Marrakech… Cooking Gourmet Foodie
The Business Analysis Channel: Questioning "Progress" and the Poverty of our Imagination Simplicity
The Business Analysis Channel: Pete Peterson Has Won: Americans Rate Federal Debt As Top Threat
The Family Channel: From Inspiration To Reality: The Design Weddings
The Soccer Channel: Watch South Africa vs Mexico Live Football Streaming World Cup 2010 FIFA wc2010 WorldCup
The WorldCup Channel: Larsen Wary Of Lions, Not Oranje FIFA wc1020 Soccer Football
The iPad Channel: iPad Stuffed Inside a Macintosh Classic?! Apple
The Soccer Channel: It's all kicking off in Johannesburg: World Cup city guide WorldCup FIFA wc2010
The WorldCup channel: World Cup weekend of wondrous football FIFA wc2010 Soccer

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The English Life Channel: Preview: Bike And Kite Festival, Blackheath
The Bollywood Channel: Movie Review: The Camp (2010)
The Web Comics Channel: Meth-Based Life Humor Funny Cartoons
The Android Development Channel: Nexus One’s AMOLED Screen Under The Microscope Droid
The Android Channel: First Photos Of Motorola Droid 2 Surface Google
The Craft Tutorials Channel: So You Want To Design Your Own Sweater?
The Soccer Channel: What Must The USMNT Do To Beat England? FIFA wc2010
The WorldCup Channel: World Cup weekend of wondrous football FIFA Soccer
The HipHop News Channel: Is Trey Songz Chopping Down These Juicy Juicy Cakes??? Music

Dolls & Doll Making & Doll Crafts

Thanks to madame samm we were reminded that we did not have a Doll Making channel. Well. we do now! Hope people enjoy it.

Hand crafted dolls were one of the things my wife's mom liked a lot and we picked out several to gift her with... back when she was still with us.

What always amazed us was that the variety of dolls is only limited by the imagination. And the imagination Has No Limits.
The Hockey Channel: Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup StanleyCup
The Internet Radio Channel: Pierce The Veil, 'The Boy Who Could Fly' -- Free MP3 Download
The Thailand Channel: Pinky Cries With Tears In Her Eyes; Denies Getting An Abortion ... Thai News
The Asia Channel: Jungle Woman Returns to Wilderness Amid Continued Controversy Cambodia
The Vegan Food Channel: “At least you’ll never be a vegetable…even artichokes have hearts.”
Web Developers Channel: REST vrs. SOAP. Simplicity Wins Again
The FIFA WorldCup Channel: World Cup fever infects Asia Soccer Football
The HarryPotter Channel: Hi-res Deathly Hallows MTV Movie Awards preview screencaps released DeathlyHallows

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thai News Channel: No Permanent Friends, No Permanent Enemies…
The Fantasy Football Channel: 2010 Fantasy Football Team Defense Rankings
The Doll Making Channel: A Patriotic Pair Crafts
The Green Communities Channel: Milwaukee urban farmer attends White House State Dinner UrbanFarming
The Burger Channel: McDonald’s Leverages World Cup Role; BK Goes Guerilla Hamburger FIFA
The Bluegrass Music Channel: Balsam Range ready for CMA Music Festival appearance
The Eminem Channel: Eminem's Recovery Production Credits Rap Music
The Rap Music Channel: Slim Thug X Z-Ro “Gangsta”
The Rap Music Channel: Eminem feat. Lil Wayne - No Love LilWayne
The Soccer Channel: World Cup 2010 Previews: Germany FIFA Fooball WorldCup
The Soccer Channel: FFT in SA: Rustenberg England FIFA Football
The WorldCup Channel: Donovan Hails Beckham's Impact FIFA Soccer Football England
The SEO Channel: Keynote Q&A: Yusuf Mehdi Microsoft Bing SearchEngine
The Mobile News Channel: Video Walkthrough Of BlackBerry 9670 SmartPhone
The Quilting Channel: Machine Appliqué Crafts
The Crochet Channel: How-To: Crochet Or Knit Grass Rug Crafts
Enuf about food! Dying here. Welcome a new channel: Doll Making: Patti Culea doll books DollMaking Crafts
The#Cheese Channel: Cheese Is Good For You! food Cooking
The Bread Channel: Worlds Worst Pretzels BreadMaking
Hope everybody is hungry. I sure am! The Healthy Recipes Channel: A Fermented Feast
The JavaScript Channel: 5 Excellent New Features In Safari 5
The Whiskey Channel: Whiskey Jim's Perfect Mint Julep
The Tea Channel: Finding Balance – The Tea Paradox
The iPad Channel: Play SNES On Your Jailbroken IPad, With An IPhone As Controller (video)
The Cricket Channel: South Africa’s Whitewash Of West Indies Not An Eyewash? SouthAfrica
The Indian Music Channel: NastyPeach Plot India Tour
The Soccer Channel: Bye Bye Philippe FIFA WorldCup Football
The FIFA WorldCup Channel: Uzbekistan ref awarded World Cup opener and other news... Soccer Football

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Justin Bieber: NEVER SAY NEVER is 10 on ITUNES!! thank u all so much. LET'S BLAST it up ...
USPTO rules against TiVo's "Time Warp" patent, but the fight vs. DISH rages on HomeTheater Video
The Home Theater Channel: Broken Part - What Is It Called, And Where Can I Get One? HomeTheater
Trending... The Science Channel: 10 Oil-spill Ills OilSpill
Trending... Eat Local and Localism: Top 10 Mistakes Made by Farmers Market Newbs
Trending... Britney Spears Channel: "Womanizer" among the best singles in France Pop Music
Trending... The SEO Channel: Google Caffeine Is Live! Search RealTime
Mixed Martial Arts Channel: Jingwu: The School That Transformed Kung Fu MMA KungFu MartialArts
Iron Maiden Announces Artwork, Tracklisting And Release Dates For THE FINAL FRONTIER HeavyMetal IronMaiden Music
The Music Channel: Faust in San Francisco Opera
The Music Festival Channel: BBC confirms Glastonbury coverage
The Soccer Channel: The Most Effective Forwards At The World Cup FIFA Football WorldCup
The WorldCup Channel: Skrtel Boost For Slovakia FIFA Soccer Football
The Urban Farming Channel: UPDATED Front Range Planting Calendar
The Space Science Channel: NASA says: send your face to space (AFP)
The Pizza Channel: Gluten Free Pizza in Winnipeg GlutenFree
The Celebrity Fashion Channel: 2010 MTV Movie Awards – Jessica Alba In Louise Goldin & Vanessa Hudgens in...
The iPhone Channel: Rogers & Telus Confirm Launch (in Canada) of iPhone 4 in “Coming Weeks” (July)
The iPhone Channel: iOS 4 Jailbroken Within a Day of Release JailBreak
The Video Projector Channel: SACD - The Super Audio CD: An Introduction
The Boulder Channel: Hey, This Town’s Getting Bicycle-crazy!
The Hot Sauce Channel: WhyNotHot’s Last Laugh Hot Sauce Review Food Chile HotSauce
The Advanced Nutrition Channel: What I Learned At The Olympics Sports
The Yachting Channel: Bone Water: Bonefishing in the Bahamas flats Fishing
The Twitter Channel: RT If you HATE seeing this iDoit2 on Twitpic OverCapacity
The Formula One Channel: McLaren introduces another new front wing FormulaOne F1 Montreal
The Formula One Channel: New aero configuration for Ferrari at Montreal FormulaOne F1
The Soccer Channel: The Most Effective Forwards At The World Cup WorldCup FIFA Football
The WorldCup Channel: Villa: England can win World Cup FIFA Soccer Football
The China Channel: Beautiful infographic on China’s cities
The Australia Channel: Wallabies still in awe of Wilkinson
The England Channel: Liverpool Midfielder to Push for £35m Anfield Exit: Benitez May Wish to Reunite With Mascherano WorldCup FIFA
The India Channel: ICC says Sri Lanka?s new World Cup stadiums on track WorldCup
The Soccer Channel: War & Football 2010: Portugal Football FIFA WorldCup
The WorldCup 2010 Channel: Mexican system concerns Mosimane FIFA Football Soccer

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Tattoos Channel: Take That, Mister Mayor!
The American Idol Channel: Idol Headlines For 06/07/10 – The Evening Edition AmericanIdol
The Windows Phone Channel: Fifa WC 2010 Windows Phone app
The Soccer Channel: 2010 World Cup Preview: Group G WorldCup FIFA
FIFA WorldCup 2010: Fennecs touch down in South Africa

Movers and Shakers

Funny expression, isn't it?

Some of the... up and coming channels, rising in popularity quite quickly are somewhat surprising until one actually looks at the channels...

For example, one might think that the Justin Bieber channel would be hot, because it is so hot over on Twitter [though we just added it a few days ago... hmmm. pardon me but I think my brain melted and is no longer functioning up to spec].

So, a few happy happy channels are the Celebrity Shoes channel, the Celebrity Babies channel, the Tattoos and Body Art channels.

We have quite a few shoe channels at this point:

The main Shoes channel. Mostly high fashion shoes.

The Athletic Shoes channel. Nike and Adidas and their competitors

The Sneakers channel. (Kind of athletic shoes for people who want to play tennis or want to spend less money, lol)

And, soon, the Cowboy Boots channel

[By the way, you can see the most popular channels yourselves by hovering the mouse over the 'Popular' channel]

Another recently popular channel is the Golfing channel [whose name we changed from 'Playing Golf' a few days ago... good move, huh?]

The Google Android Phone channel has been quite successful for awhile now [though we are having to cut back severely on the number of androlib's posts - or discontinue it completely - we just don't think the readers of this channel want notification of each and every one of 100,000s of apps for the Android].

Well, this was supposed to be just a quick update...
Justin Bierber: Cute even when making dumb face?
The Geek Channel: How to Follow Apple’s WWDC 2010 Announcement Live
The Geek Channel: Comics Minus Cats: “Garfield Minus Garfield,” meet “Calvin Minus Hobbes”
The Family Fitness Channel: Foods in TV Ads High in Sugar and Fat
The Oakland Raiders Channel: Report: Raiders rookie McClain vows not to hold out
The Weed News Channel: Controversial Regulations To Purge L.A.’s Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Tak... Marijuana
The Fantasy Football Channel: Colts Claim QB Brandstater From Broncos ... FantasyFootball
The Soccer Channel: World Cup Legends #5: Archie Gemmill FIFA WorldCup Football
The Historic England Channel: Looking Into Time: Kodak Building… History
The Startup Marketing Channel: How Apple is setting itself apart from the pack of iPhone clones
The Pro Wrestling Channel: "Modern Family," "Superbad" Actors Confirmed For WWE's New HHH Movie
The Wine Channel: WAWine World Tasting Event: Oh, What a Night!
The Firefox Channel: Open Web, Open Video and WebM Mozilla
The Athletic Shoes Channel: Saucony Men’s ProGrid Omni 8 Running Shoe
The Soccer Channel: World Cup 2010: England's Final Warm-up Match WorldCup FIFA Football
The WorldCup Channel: Fennecs touch down in South Africa FIFA Football Soccer Fun
The WorldCup Channel: No fixed formation for Italy Soccer FIFA Football
The Justin Bieber Channel: Justin @Summertime Ball 2010
The iPad Channel: PhotoFast Makes IPad Work With A Microsoft Webcam, Cats And Dogs Live Together
The Android Channel: Android: The Three Things You Need to Know First
The Gadgets Channel: PhotoFast makes iPad work with a Microsoft webcam, cats and dogs live together
The Social Gaming Channel: Epic Goal on Facebook puts players on the pitch SocialGaming
The Gaming Channel: NintendoWare Weekly: Flametail, Lead The Meerkats Nintendo
The Electronics News Channel: Google allows you to display your own image on its homepage Technology
The Camera Channel: Functional RED EPIC In The Wild
The Cricket Channel: Flintoff Backs Himself To Return To England Squad
The England Channel: Arsenal Close In On £8m Centre Back as Barcelona Set Sights On Another Gunner: Fantasy WorldCup
The Soccer Channel: World Cup 2010: Paul Scholes says England recall request came too late WorldCup
The WorldCup Channel: Drogba Operation A Success

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The HipHop Channel: Video: Rick Ross & DJ Khaled - MC Hammer (Live in VA) MCHammer
The Raw Food Channel: homemade raw chocolates RawFood
The Tea Channel: Tea Kettle Philosophy — Something and Nothin
The Vegan Channel: Otarian (NYC Restaurant) Puts Carbon Footprints on the Menu
The iPad Channel: iPad App Review: Tips & Tricks iPad Edition
The Android Development Channel: Verizon Droid Xtreme – Leaked pictures & specs
The Android Channel: Why Is Google Failing With Desktop Synchronization?
The Anime And Manga Channel: We Remember Love Editorial Folio: Cultural Roots In Anime
The Thailand Channel: Emergency to remain: PM
The Hockey Channel: Stanley Cup Gameday: She's Lost Control StanleyCup
The Pro Tennis Channel: Berankis Into Finals Of Nottingham FrenchOpen
The WorldCup Channel: Ljubijankic Lift For Slovenia soccer football
The Justin Bieber Channel: Bilder Från Idag: Capital Radio Summertime Ball [photo]

New Channels and an Update

Been too long since the last update. oops.

Not sure how long it has been, so perhaps we mentioned some of these before...

We started the Pro Wrestling channel. There were a surprising number of quality wrestling blogs - and it was a blast. Finally, sports stars who are SUPPOSED to be bad. The badder the better. How much fun is that!

Over the holidays the anemic BBQ and Ice Cream channels were 'beefed' up. Also added a Hot Sauce channel (a friend of ours once started a small Hot Sauce store. Boy that was fun to shop in)

Added a few city channels. We are starting with well-known, destination-type cities, in this case Boulder, Colorado; Santa Cruz, California, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is kind of an experiment, on many levels. Interesting to see if you all like these channels. Being 3 of our favorite cities, they were certainly fun to do. Very different from each other, these cities are.

On a related theme, as we build out the foodies channels, we significantly expanded the Bay Area Foodie channel. Not yet complete, but foodies (who we define as people who eat and drink the best, and write about it, and who may or may not cook) are certainly some of the luckiest people ever - or more precisely, being a foodie sounds like a lot of fun, it being around supper time here... :-).

Finally we added a Justin Bieber channel - he being the most popular guy on Twitter it seems like he deserves a channel to himself, and, on a completely different note, the Game Development channel. Although the Game Development channel is in the Software category, it includes deep analysis of game design, the gaming industry and other topics central to developing games but not necessarily involving software.

Well, that's it... for now!
The Open source Channel: Why Sharing Will Be Big Business (#Netflix, Renting textbooks and beyond)
The Open Source Channel: What's the Point of Hacktivism? OpenSource Hacking Leadership
The Americana Channel: Bluegrass Festival: Great day for bluegrass at Strawberry Park Music
The Illustration Channel: Toy Story 3 ToyStory Art
The Fine Art Painting Channel: Surreal Psychedelic Drawing - Tree Art
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The Medical Channel: Smartphones will be the hub of digital medical care
The Life Science Channel: Christopher Hitchens on The Ten Commandments
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The Science Fiction Industry Channel: Ian McDonald on the Small World Podcast SciFi ScienceFiction
The Table Tennis Channel: Sensational Singapore in Moscow TableTennis PingPong
The Thai Life Channel: Jeff Savage & Conor David Purcell
OK. We give up, lol! The Justin Bieber Channel:
The Triathlon Channel: Is EPO making a comeback in cycling: experts fear microdosing extreme sports
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Opera Music Channel: Faust Tonight In San Francisco
The Billiards Channel: BRILLIANT BRECEL Pool