Saturday, June 12, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 - Soccer / Football Championship Games

Our FIFA World Cup 2010 channel is quite popular - as is our Soccer channel. They both cover the games - the ones in the special World Cup channel are, however, more or less dedicated just to this one game.

The Soccer channel is supposed to be a long term channel focused on Soccer in the U.S. and Football, as they call it, everywhere else. The World Cup channel is kind of sort of supposed to be a channel dedicated to a specific event. In reality what happens is that event channels take on a life of their own - for a year or so until the next event anyway. We'll have to figure a way to make this work by next year's World Cup, huh?

Certainly is exciting and it is good to see so many countries competing and the fans so happy. Guess a few fans will be disappointed when their teams don't win... but right now everyone is so hopeful!

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