Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trending: The Indianapolis Colts NFL Football team channel:
Trending: The Grocery Reviews channel: Mostly Snack reviews LOL
Trending: The Pets channel: Special Dog and Cats channels too for those who like one and not the other LOL
The Travel channel: Photos and Adventures
Trending: The NFL Football Atlantic Falcons channel:
Trending: The Comic Book News channel: Comicbooks
Trending: The Organic Beauty Care channel:
The English Grammar channel: Lessons, What to do and what not to do. English FAIL
Ah, Paris. The Paris France channel: in photos and story
The expanded Cocktails and Spirits channel: MixedDrinks Mixology
The vastly expanded Surfing channel: Surf, Beach, Waves and Fun
The Halloween channel: Witches and Warlocks, Bats and Brooms, TrickOrTreat
The Scrapbook channel: Scrapbooking Cards Cricut
The Atlanta Falcons NFL Football channel: Just one of our 32 NFL team channels.
The Las Vegas channel: Vacation Gambling and Conferences... "Classic VW Car Show". Oh. and Fun, LOL
The Social Gaming channel: The current wave, the next wave, and the wave after that... LOL
The Gaming channel: "Justin Bieber JustBeats Headphones", Video Games etc.
The Security Technology channel:
The Apple iPhone channel: News and Reviews of Apps and HowTo do this'n'that
The PC Hardware News channel: and PC Hardware Reviews channel:
The ProAudio channel: Professional Audio for Musicians and SoundEngineers

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The iPad channel: Apple Tablet first mover advantage in action
The Gadgets channel: collecting 100s of stories from most continents daily. Geek Love
The Home Audio channel: Stereos Music
The OpenSource channel: "Gitifier: Growl Alerts For Any Git Repo Including GitHub And Gitorious"
The Space and Astronomy channel:
Trending: The Advanced Chemistry channel:
Trending... The Family channel: Pets Weddings Babies HomeMaking
The Brooklyn channel: NYC NY News and happenings...
The Lady Gaga channel: Monster Ball
The Gardening channel: Canning Harvesting
The Los Angeles Foodie channel: LA Restaurants reviewed... reviewered and skewered (sometimes)
The Genetics channel: Biotech Gene Genome
The Japan Business channel: What is happening there and how you can be a part of it
The Desserts channel: Sweets and Candy for the good and bad in all of us LOL
The Paper Crafts channel: Some of the most beautiful cards and creations you have ever seen
The Yoga channel: both basic and advanced poses with 'I did it!' stories and how-to articles, many by instructors
The yummy Bread channel: Baking Cooking
The Las Vegas channel: Shows Casinos Gambling Vacation
The Android channel: Google's phone takes on apple's iPhone. The stakes? Everything.
The Cameras channel: with news (preview and spy stories) and reviews
The photography tips and tutorials channel Pretty clear what this channel is about, huh? Whew!
The Photography channel: Lots of photos by talented and/or professional photographers
Baseball, Basketball. Football and Hockey SportsCards channels Mostly baseball cards tho
The Design channel: eyecandy art
The Home Improvement Remodeling channel: One of the most fundamental human endeavors...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Math channel: "Should Math Education Be Replaced by Video Games?"
The Glee channel: Tuesday Night TV Music
The Celebrity Fashion and Celebrity Babies channels - happy, happy Hollywood stories
The Celebrity Gossip channel: 3rd most popular at Mattters, Hollywood stories and photos
The Men's channel: - our second most popular channel: Sports, Women, MenStuff
The Tattoos channel: Once again our most popular channel with awesome photos and advice
Popular Mattters: Featuring the best stories - today and yesterday [wow. what a wonderful Fall day!]
Always trending: The Data Visualization channel: DataVis shows us what numbers can't
Trending: The Sports Fitness channel: For Athletes and everyone who wants to perform to their peak best
The BBQ channel: Barbecue Roasting and Smoking
Trending: The Movie Reviews channel: Thumbs Way Up. Thumbs way down.
Trending: The India Business And Technology channel
Trending: The Jacksonville Jaguars channel:
The Pro Football News channel: NFL 2010 season getting into it now!
The GlutenFree channel WheatFree Rice Soba Spelt
The RawFood channel: Eating Raw Food and Travel
The FastFood channel: food McDonalds TacoBell BurgerKing CheapEats
The Cricket channel: Heating up...
G'morning. Eyes barely open? Time for some Heavy Metal Music news and downloads - wake up sleeeeepy brain cells!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Horror Halloween Horror Movies and Vampires channels
Trending... The Minnesota Vikings channel: NFL Football
The Physics channel: Science HowThingsWork
Trending... The NASCAR channel: cars racing other autos at very, very high speed
Trending... the Pittsburgh Steelers channel: NFL Football
The Baseball News channel: MLB
The Bibliophile channel: For and by people who really love books and reading

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears channel is on of the NFL Football team channels here at Mattters. They are playing the Green Bay Packers tonight - but if you want to hear Da Bears side of the game, the Bear channel is the way to go ...

4 seconds left to the game...

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers channel is one of our NFL Football channels dedicated to each team. They just played the Chicago Bears and if you want the Packers side of the game, then the Green Bay Packers channel is the place to do it. :-)

I keep asking the wife if Bart Starr is still playing for the Packers. Just a little husband annoying the wife kind of humor. A Bart Starr book was one of the first chapter-books I read and a youngster. Made an impression.
The Justin Bierber channel: More photos keep turning up.
The Horror Movies channel: Its Halloween all year round! Cult PeeYourPantsFun
Click to help your fave less popular topics to reach Top 40 Food & Drink, Business, Crafts, Art, Green, Learning <3
Currently popular topics are related to Fashion, Entertainment/#Celebrities, Music and Autos, + a little Tech
The London Restaurants channel: TONS of Reviews and Tastings. London = Foodie heaven? Maybe so.
The IceCream channel: Morning, Noon, Night - Ice Cream is so soothing with a little scoop here, a little there...
Expanded the Cocktails and Spirits channel: - including the Mixology channel
The JavaScript channel: - stories from top tweeps and blogs for all your .js news and gossip needs. HTML5 baby!
The Surfing channel: New and improved LOL. Its the photos that get me. Whoohoo!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The greatly expanded Paris France channel: Travel
The MartialArts channel: KungFu BJJ Judo MMA Forging mind and body into a powerful centered you.
The Yoga channel: Stretch and bend and breathe yourself a better you.
The iPad channel: "Using Manage to Get Things Done on iPad" and 100s more stories
The SciFi channel: ScienceFiction SpeculativeFiction outrageous photos and weird tales...
The Woodworking channel: "Splines Vs Biscuit Joiner" and much more...
The Scrapbook channel: "Card Tutorial 18" "Ooooodles of Nooodles." and more...
The Dallas Cowboys channel: Williams Has His Best Day As A Cowboy
The Houston Texans channel: Texans Suffer Disappointing Loss To Cowboys
The#Business Analysis channel: Calm Commentary on the Economy
The Indianapolis Colts NFL Football team channel:
The Cheese channel: Yummy Delicious Food Cooking, also the rawmilk scene news
The Tea channel: Tea Reviews, tastings and Green, White and Black Tea finds
The Apple channel: iPad channel: and iPhone channel: MacAttack
The Halloween channel: the Spooky Scary Sinister channel from the beyond (view at own risk :-) )
The Doll Making channel: Crafts Handmade Art
Satirical News channel: Humor - yes, the MORE satirical than AVERAGE news LOL
Baltimore Ravens channel:
The Spiderman channel: Spidey PeterParker Comics Marvel ActuallyHasAPlot
NFL Football The Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans Tex v. Tex. Lv it
NFL Football Sunday: SanFrancisco 49ers at KansasCity Chiefs
NFL Football Sunday! Cincinnati Bengals at Carolina Panthers
NFL Football Sunday! Tennessee Titans at NY Giants
Happy Sunday! The Android and Android Development channels - always popular on Mattters

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The always trending Sports Card channel: SportsCards Collectibles
The popular Rap channel: still reverberating from the Kanye West news deluge LOL
The Celebrity Babies (and parents too) channel - nice photos and nice things to say about celebs sweet

Fantasy Football News

The Fantasy Football channel has news and commentary, stats and injury reports and scuttlebutt, photos and stories from almost 100 different sources updated several times per hour.

OK. So that is great, right?

Then there is the individual team channels: one for each team in the NFL. From the Arizona Cardinals to the Washington Redskins.

These channels have stories and opinion from news sources covering the local scenes - often fans who know more about the teams than the teams do [well, maybe not]. This allows you to perform some in-depth sentiment analysis as well as perhaps some valuable little insider info once in a while.

And we keep adding more features - one of our team is a total fantasy football fanatic. She is always happy to let us know if we are slacking in some area or another. Yep. Always she's happy to do that :-)

Social Media and Social Gaming

The Social Media and Social Gaming channels are some of our more popular, and reinvigorating, channels.

Why reinvigorating?

Because it is all still such a new field, it catalyzes people to actually think and come up with new ideas. Often WILD new ideas. Often new perspectives on old ideas. This is all quite invigorating and stimulating.

This kind of brainstorming will wither and die a horrible death as things settle into 1 to 3 major players doing all the thinking - and making all the money - for us. These major players are then invested in the status quo, so any thinking they do after that is about how to keep things as they are. I.E. it all becomes quite boring.

An example, and examples are numerous, for software people reading this was the Object-Orientation revolution. The number of ideas coming out of conferences like late 80s, early 90s OOPSLA were just staggering and wonderful. Then C++ captured the majority of the market and then Java in 96 [the much better C++], and well, that was that. We don't even have an OO channel.

So who will capture the social landscape? Can it be dominated by a player. Are we going to see serial domination? FreindFinder to MySpace to FaceBook to...? [I think yes].

Gaming does not seem to have a single player dominating the field - not since maybe Atari. Does Social Gaming care what platform it is on? If it does will the next big social network DESIGNED to support social gaming from the get-go going to be the next Big Social Thing? [Could well be]
The Philadelphia Eagles channel: NFL Football Iggles Philly
The Animated Stories channel: Several channels here will merge into new giant Animation channel
The Online Marketing channel: WebMarketing MakingMoney StayingAfloat
The Arizona Cardinals channel: "#Raiders Nation Invades Glendale"
The Soccer channel: the World Cup is history, but the game must go on. Lots of games in actual fact LOL
The NASCAR channel for all your 'going way too fast' needs. News, views on drivers, races & machines Cars Autos
The Microsoft Windows channel Development news and product announcements and strategic analysis
The yummy Recipes channel: A large selection of what people are cooking for meals today
The Grateful Dead channel: No, didn't play Fire, Fire on the Mtn during the fourmilefire.
The New York Jets channel: - in depth coverage by dozens of kicka** sources NFL Football NYC
The Archeology channel: The perfect metaphor trying to find my brain cells this Saturday morning

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Mommy channel: Mom Mother Mommies
The Bluegrass channel: finger pickin' good. Music Country
The Washington Redskins channel is trending... NFL Football Hogs Skins
The DC Comics channel: You know, Superman Batman Aquaman Flash?
The Games channel: collects stories from game channels: Billiards Chess Gaming Pinball Poker Sudoku
The Game Development channel: Gaming Social Programming Startups
Ah Paris in the Springti... uh... Fall: The new and improved Paris Channel: France
The Baseball News channel: MLB
The Pop Culture channel: The Guide to the Internet focusing on the New Weird Bizarre Amazing stuff out there
The Geek channel: closely related to the Toys channel Superman Nintendo AMD Escher Facebook
The Toys channel: for those having their 1st, 2nd, or, perhaps, 42nd childhood
The *ha* *Ha* Humor *hee* channel * guffaw* Comedy Funny LOL
The Celebrity Gossip channel: Photos, Paparazzi
The trending Denver Broncos channel NFL Football Denver
The Crafts channel: The gateway channel to Dolls, Scrapbooking, Cricut, Jewelry making, Tutorials...
The Green News channel: The progress and politics of the world going green
The Italy Travel channel: A new channel for us. Florence: Art Wine and Sun.
The Australian Life channel: Just what is Down Under like, huh? What's life like in Australia?
The Pop(!) Music News channel: also Britney Spears Justin Bieber Lady Gaga Madonna MichaelJackson channels
The Chicago Bears channel: daBears Football NFL
The Programming Tips channel: Tricks and Tidbits that can be extremely useful someday maybe today Software
The Santa Cruz California channel: SantaCruz UCSC
The Web Development channel: Tools and Techniques to build an Optimal Internet Presence FrontEnd
The Chocolate channel: IceCream Candy Dessert Sweets TheAntiDiet
The Hiking channel: Walking is one of the best exercises & easiest on the body & most people can do it Health
The Programming Craft channel: How to be a better coder != walking encyclopedia

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glee... it's BACK! The Glee channel: TV FallSeason
The Technology News channel: Steve Jobs 6+ $B! Blockbuster chap 11. Facebook crashes. ++
The Bread channel: making and baking the best bread ever. Photos, news and how-to articles
Beefed up the already hoppin' (LOL) Beer channel: Suds Brew CraftBeer HomeBrew
Don't grow your own (joke based on prev post): the Weed channel: Marijuana Pot THC
Grow your own: the Urban Farming channel: Vegetable Gardening in the city
Commemorating yr most important moments w/ a Scrapbook? The Scrapbooking channel photos & how-to from 100s of sources
News and photos from dozens of sources about each NFL Football team: The Buffalo Bills channel:
No football on Thursday anymore... sux. The Pittsburgh Steelers channel:
The Book Reviews channel: What books to buy. What books not to buy.
Added new channels for Italy. One is the Italy Life channel: - what life is like, day to day, sights and tastes
The Architecture channel: Such beautiful buildings to live and work in and look at
The Lady Gaga channel: We need more photos, for sure. She is absolutely so photogenic
The Purses and Bags channel: photos and reviews and sales all about ladies handbags
The Eyewear channel for people who wear glasses or just wish they did
The Web Design channel - design better looking and more effective webpages
The Media News channel tracks the (r)evolution of media from print to pixels, offline to online
The Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser channels
The Business Analysis channel: Opinion and commentary about the economy and business outlook
The Entrepreneur channel Many people are entrepreneurs and don't know it Business

Beer channel

Even though the beer channel is one of our largest... it has been expanded to include a whole network of new sources (blogs and tweeps, both). There is some home brew information on this channel as well as lots on the main topic of beer reviews and craft beer tastings, and general beer-related shenanigans.

The more we all champion the good tasting beers, the less bad tasting swill [looked up the definition of swill... just to be sure what it meant...and although it does mean what I thought it meant, it means a lot of other stuff too. Ugh.] we will see on the market - and the better the next generation will have it. At least, one might hope so, anyway.

Woodworking channel

Sure, I thought woodworking, or wood craft, furniture building, wood carving, all this was really cool. My Dad is of the generation that did a lot of this, and I always wanted to have the time... (and the tools are so awesome - I just want to pick them up and start DOING something with them. Wish it were this easy...).

But I did not realize how darn popular it is. A large section at Barnes & Noble, a ton of magazines, and a ton of blogs. How cool is that? Hopefully the woodworking channel will inspire people to ...uh... find the time... to try their hand at building their own one of these days :-)
Not many people realize that the Mattters home page has the most popular stories from the WHOLE site: Bieber China
The Las Vegas channel: Life and Times in and out of the Casinos
The Green Technology channel: Reducing our carbon footprint and growing the economy. What;s not to love?
The San Francisco channel: What's happening in SF from the people's point of view BayArea
The Classical Music channel: News and views, new and historic performances Symphony Orchestra
The Hip Hip Music channel: HipHop. One heck of a happenin' channel
The Android Development channel: "1 in 4 Americans would use an Android tablet"
The Computer Science channel: Software Research IEEE ACM
A lot of the Haunting decorations for the Halloween channel come from the Doll Making channel: Crafts Art
Speaking of... Boo! The Halloween channel has added a few more scary and spooky sources. Send us more!
Boo! Winter is coming to the Northern latitudes and Golfing in snow just ain't so much fun. The Golf channel
The Skateboarding channel looks like so much freaking fun - esp. with the technology they use today...
The Space and Astronomy channel: Sure helps gets mind off all the infighting on this little pebble: Earth
I want to be a gourmet in my next life: The Gourmet channel: Sampling the best of everything Wine Food
Oops, that was the link to comic books channel, THIS is the link to the comicbook ARTISTS channel:
The Comic book Art channel is all about Comicbook artists. Wonderful examples and how-tos of artwork
The Design channel: with focus on Graphic and Interior design as well as just plain OMG-looking stuff
The Motorsports channel: with channels for F1 Formula 1, Nascar, Motorcycles. The Need for Speed.
Have to talk about our new Woodworking channel: MANY WW blogs out there! crafts handmade

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Expanded Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking channels:
Added new channel: Woodworking ...going to be one of our larger channels Crafts
Mercedes-benz and BMW channels -always popular tho no free car giveaways (LOL)
The American Idol channel keeps hanging near top of our most popular channels lists: ...already miss Ellen
Anyone else grow up watching HeeHaw 'cause nothing else to watch and now it is stuck in the head and just can't get it OUT! HeeHeeHawHaw
The Funny Pictures and Humor channels also in the top 40 today
The High-end Audio channel squeaks by in the Top 40: Stereos HiFi
The Home Audio channel makes its debut in the Top 40: Stereos HiFi
The Comedy Channel is once again a Top 40 channel: Humor LOL Haha
The Art Culture channel is trending: the intellectual analysis and appreciation of Art
The Cheese channel is trending: Are you a cheeseaholic? Yes, I admit I am.
The Healthy Recipes channel is still trending: Is it Lunchtime yet?
The China Technology channel is trending: "China Unicom Beijing Boasts Largest WCDMA" net in world
The Japan News channel is trending: "#Fullmetal Alchemist Postage Stamp Giveaway!"
The Blogging News channel is trending "How To Recover From A Mistake" OMG I need this 10 times/day LOL
The Advanced Chemistry channel: is trending... Science BioChem
The Data Visualization channel: Awesome graphs and charts for eyes and brain DataVis
The Kansas City Chiefs channel is trending... NFL Football
G'morning. The Green News channel... the politics of the green (r)evolution

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Healthy Recipes channel is trending... Food Diet
The Advanced Investing Pro Investors & Traders posting info for other Pros
The Glee TV channel: Season 2 Premiere and more. Television
The Sports Fitness channel: Lots of KettleBells etc. and even cross training...
From sports car channel: "Official: 2011 Aston Martin One-77 to make 750-hp (w/ video)" Holy I Want It Batman!
The Sports Car channel kicks butt - its very popular and the photos are oh so lust worthy SportsCar
Techno... on the Top 40 out of 700 Channel list Music Electronica Synth House
The iPhone channel BACK in the Top 40 (saddle), again...
The Ruby channel: Rails needs to support 1.9 or a large corp sponsor (not Oracle) or...?
Jumping around today, I know... Flash on the iPad means it will be here awhile (despite HTML5) the Flash channel:
Thinking about the Global Business scene? The Japan Business channel:
Concerned about the Global Business scene? The China Economy and Technology channels
Concerned about the Global Business scene? the India Business and Technology channel:
Off to the iPad channel: Looks like iPadLot changed to @iPadNewsUpdates. We'll fix that...!
In the world of Tech, the Gaming channel: with a review of yet another Seagate FreeAgent?
For some of us, it is not about Healthy living so much as not feeling sick all the time: the Gluten-Free channel
The heck with starting your life off right today... the Burger channel: Food FastFood
Start the rest of your life off right... OK maybe after a good cup of coffee? The Coffee channel
Start the rest of your life off right? the Raw Food channel: RawFood Diet Health
New Orleans Saints edge out 49ers... NFL Football

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Tattoos channel: our most popular channel with the Men's channel in 2nd and Body Art in 3rd.
The Men's channel: for men who like women, sports, and other manly man stuff that men like to like.
The Fashion Addict channel: When you absolutely positively need a new outfit... just 'because'
The Celebrity Fashion channel: Hollywood goes to Barneys
The New Orleans Saints channel... ... will they shellac the 49ers? NFL Football
The 49ers channel... ... will they varnish the Saints? NFL Football

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is one of our more bold music channels.

Sometimes I think we should link channels like Halloween and Heavy Metal together. Or less seriously, Justin Bieber and Heavy Metal.

I think we already link Weed to Pizza, and Pizza to Beer and Beer to Cigars and... that is as far as it went. And wine to cheese of course.

But, back to Heavy Metal... I have knowledgeable friends [yes, really. but not so knowledgeable or they would dump me, huh?] who say that heavy metal is the only music that is talking about the state of world politics today [I would add rap music]. Some of it [and rap] is just shock rock but some of it has a message [and the apathy we see today... people need terribly terrific shocks just to wake them up for a few seconds. Am I right? Well, I would bet heavy metal musicians think so].

** Strider!!! ***

Saints at the 49ers: NFL Monday Night Football

Tonight the New Orleans Saints play the San Francisco 49ers, and the behind the scenes and fan perspectives can both found on the New Orleans Saints channel and the, yep, you know it, the San Francisco 49ers channel.

Stories are collected from dozens of news sources, updated several times per hour. Do you dare to indulge that ever-lovin out-of-all-semblance-of-control NFL football-followin' habit?

Seriously, though, it is SO cool....
The Marketing channel: one of the most extensive collections of continuously updated articles on Social Marketing
The Pakistan channel: real life, beyond the floods, the culture and hopes and dreams
Bollywood India's answer to all things Hollywood
The China channel: What life in China is like and the business opportunities there.
The Japan channel: - what life is like, what business like, what being Japanese is like
Into a little Fantasy Football are we? The Fantasy Football channel for all your stats and analysis needs
It is still 80 degrees F here but... never too soon to think about Snowboarding: the Snowboarding channel
The Personal Finance channel: What to do with that trickle of income to make it a more bigger trickle
The Startups channel: For those who wish they were or are glad they aren't. LOL.
Mobile Marketing anyone? Think it might just payoff someday? LOL. The Mobile Marketing channel:
The SEO channel - one of our first channels and the most exhaustive collection of constantly updated SEO tidbits
The Social Media channel for those tech bent and marketing bent of us
End of the season here in the northern latitudes, but the Gardening channel photos will help us get through Winter
End of the season here in the northern latitudes, but the Gardening channel photos will help us get through Winter
The Frugal Living channel: which most of us can't help needing to be good at. Ugh.
The Asian Food channel: "Foodie Tour Of Old Delhi" for those who like boatloads of spices and yummy veggies and...
The Pizza channel: for those who love pizza - hot delicious pizza overflowing with cheese and yummies LOL
The Vegan channel for those who appreciate animals, health, and a good Broccoli Bean Bake
The Madonna channel - for all those who appreciate art and music and truth
Beer for lunch? The Beer channel says yes! [not really. *I* say yes! LOL] ]
The Anime and Manga channel is the 20th most popular channel (out of 700)
Shoes are pop! The sneakers Shoes & Celebrity Shoes channels:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Thailand channels are also very popular on Mattters - even now that things have calmed down (Hurray!)
The London Restaurants channel is quite popular, I say, with people from England and us tourist types too
The Cricket channel is popular with people in England and India
Speaking of expensive: the Luxury channel is VERY popular. Don't have to worry if I can afford it. The answer: no. LOL
The Fashion channels are currently our most popular channels. They sure are fun... but wee bit expensive?
The Rap Music channel pops on and off our top 40 list like popcorn. What is up with that? LOL
Our Social Gaming channel is always at top 40 channel: IMHO THIS is what will replace TV
The android and android development channels are always in the top 24
We are continuing to expand the new scrapbooking channel crafts handmade stamps
We recently added the Beading channel: Crafts Handmade Jewelry
The Crafts channel is in our top 40 for the first time... we have been working on it a lot lately.
The very popular top 40 Pro Cycling channel just makes me want to get out and do some biking while it is warm out
Wish the Home Remodeling channel was around when we did ours: OMG did we need some *good* advice
The HipHop Music channels have been popular on Mattters since Day One Love those guys
The Justin Bieber channel popped back on to the top 40 yesterday...but... is he losing his popularity??!
The Funny Pictures channel has been on our top 40 list for over a week now LOL!
It was wonderful to see the Grateful Dead channel in our most popular top 40 channels yesterday... Furthur