Sunday, September 5, 2010

Behind the scenes

We have some large pages here at Mattters [everyone comments on that] and they load pretty fast [they comment on that too] especially considering their size.

Well, we have just finished a 3-week project to speed up the largest pages [the old 'tribune' style] and now we are speeding up the old 'Gazette style' pages as well. We will be one of the fastest sites, with the mostest information, and requiring the fewest clicks to get to what you want to get to.

Or, that is the plan anyway. Let us know if you have any feedback!

And if not... well, never mind. Sorry to bother you. :-/

Oh, and we are starting our support for the new Official Twitter button. We love Bitly, and their ability to tell us what we needed to know on a story by story basis is absolutely required for a site like ours with 100s of tweetable things on a page - but we felt we needed to move forward to something more and more users are going to expect to see - the Twitter Tweet/Retweet screen - when they, you know, tweet or retweet something.

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