Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mattters 2.0

As you all may have noticed, we had to go through some severe changes to the business model here at Mattters earlier in the year. Essentially, we have a lot less photos displayed than we used to.

But, never fear, we are working on getting those photos back up.

And, AND(!), in the meantime, we are also working on expanding Mattters. By expanding we mean EXPANDING. We are firm believers in Following Your Interests. Yes, a very popular website has now also taken that as their theme, but we just continue on, heads down, following OUR interests, and hopefully you will all enjoy what we are cooking up.

We are about 80% done, and, although, as we all know, the last 20% takes 50% of the time to complete, it won't be long now...

Take care, all,