Monday, September 19, 2011

Been a week now...

... since we launched the new site.

Completely 100% spanking new.

Same mission.

To make it fun and easy to enjoy our life's passions - whether casually or avidly.

To that end we are adding MANY more interests. Last night we added several thousand movies.

For example... The Fifth Element. Panned by the critics, watched dozens of times by yours truly.

Pages similar to the old Mattters tribune look are found by clicking 'Headlines' in the upper left of any interest page.

We apologize for the site being somewhat flaky ... we plead guilty but we are working hard to make it all actually work, ...and correctly even. :-)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mattters 2.0

As you all may have noticed, we had to go through some severe changes to the business model here at Mattters earlier in the year. Essentially, we have a lot less photos displayed than we used to.

But, never fear, we are working on getting those photos back up.

And, AND(!), in the meantime, we are also working on expanding Mattters. By expanding we mean EXPANDING. We are firm believers in Following Your Interests. Yes, a very popular website has now also taken that as their theme, but we just continue on, heads down, following OUR interests, and hopefully you will all enjoy what we are cooking up.

We are about 80% done, and, although, as we all know, the last 20% takes 50% of the time to complete, it won't be long now...

Take care, all,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mattters adds Story Collecting

In the interest of making Following one's Interests even more fun [or just more manageable anyway, whew! Some channels have a LOT of stories] you can now add any story to your home channel. Just click on the Favorite's star next to the story.

Everyone who has registered has a home channel. Mine is at Michael Mattters. I've had so many favorite stories over the last year, but it will take me awhile to find them all again so I can Favorite them [which is the reason we added this feature in the first place :-). It has been just too darn easy to lose track of some of the greatest stories here].

You can also add Favorite Channels to your home channel, by clicking on the favoriting star at the top right of the channels. This will put a link to them right near the top of the page on your home channel - so you can more quickly cruise them.

Oh, and getting to your home page is as easy as clicking on 'home' at the very top right of any page on Mattters [just like it used to be on Twitter].

We need people to register for this particular feature because, well, it just would not be so great to have strangers adding and removing stories from *your* personal home channel, know what I mean? As always, you can still vote and do everything else without having to register.

Have fun!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mattters Adds Video

Last month we added support for playing several types of video directly on Mattters. We are hoping this will increase the pleasure of the overall 'Following Your Interests' experience. Or at least, decreases the pain a little.

We currently support video from 4 different sources: YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. This seems to cover most of the kinds of video we are finding in blog posts and tweets and websites. If there is anther one you would like us to support, just let us know!

The channels that make the most use of video right now are the Music channels and the Sports channels, especially Football and Basketball.

Have fun!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Hardware News channel Kinect Air Guitar Hack; Logitech; T-Mobile; Google Chrome OS Notebook; ...
The Camera channel : Photoshop, Kodak - EasyShare, Tamron lens, Nikon - D3000, Canon, Sony ...
The Social Gaming channel: New FarmVille Missions: Festive Tree; Facebook, Twitter Expands Embedded Media With New Content Partners, ...