Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mattters adds Story Collecting

In the interest of making Following one's Interests even more fun [or just more manageable anyway, whew! Some channels have a LOT of stories] you can now add any story to your home channel. Just click on the Favorite's star next to the story.

Everyone who has registered has a home channel. Mine is at Michael Mattters. I've had so many favorite stories over the last year, but it will take me awhile to find them all again so I can Favorite them [which is the reason we added this feature in the first place :-). It has been just too darn easy to lose track of some of the greatest stories here].

You can also add Favorite Channels to your home channel, by clicking on the favoriting star at the top right of the channels. This will put a link to them right near the top of the page on your home channel - so you can more quickly cruise them.

Oh, and getting to your home page is as easy as clicking on 'home' at the very top right of any page on Mattters [just like it used to be on Twitter].

We need people to register for this particular feature because, well, it just would not be so great to have strangers adding and removing stories from *your* personal home channel, know what I mean? As always, you can still vote and do everything else without having to register.

Have fun!


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