Saturday, September 4, 2010

Added Social 'Share' Buttons support for Internet Explorer and new Twitter buttons

We've always had buttons for people to share stories on Twitter, Digg, Facebook etc. but they were not displayed for visitors using the Internet Explorer. IE is slower than the other browsers, and we thought it's performance was slowed down too much by all these buttons.

But, after some rework, we think we've now made them unobtrusive enough, finally, for visitors using IE.

And speaking of unobtrusive... we switched from Bitly to Twitter's official rewtweet button AND... and... there is now a little delay before the buttons appear when the mouse is near a story. Some people thought it was a little ... disturbing ... to see the buttons rapidly appear and dissapear all the time as they moved the mouse across the page. Hope this works better... for Everybody!

You can see all this in action on any channel... even the Twitter channel :-)

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