Thursday, September 2, 2010

Daily Radar Closes It Doors

One of the most esteemed aggregators, Daily Radar, is no more. I was showing my wife other aggregators somewhat like ours, and we were shocked to see that they no longer are receiving support from their parent company. Our condolences to all the people who worked there.

Like Mattters, Daily Radar had many channels, what they called 'Blips' - web pages that people could visit and learn what was happening.

Daily Radar had been around for a lot longer than Mattters, and had many avid visitors. Those people might be feeling a little lost right now - but hopefully they will find Mattters an interesting place to visit as well. We also welcome any bloggers who were carried by DailyRadar but which we, because we are still quite new and there are only so many hours in 8 months, do not yet carry here.

Some of the most popular Blips were the PCHardwareBlip, which we separate into Hardware News and Hardware Reviews

Another popular Blip was XboxBlips, which we call the Xbox channel which is under the most comprehensive Gaming channel.

The ElectronicBlips-like stories can be found in our Techno channel

Similarly, the MensFashionBlips people might want to check out our Mens Fashion channel.

As you can see, we should have a channel for everyone - and if not, we'll make one!

As always, we welcome any feedback...

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