Monday, September 20, 2010

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is one of our more bold music channels.

Sometimes I think we should link channels like Halloween and Heavy Metal together. Or less seriously, Justin Bieber and Heavy Metal.

I think we already link Weed to Pizza, and Pizza to Beer and Beer to Cigars and... that is as far as it went. And wine to cheese of course.

But, back to Heavy Metal... I have knowledgeable friends [yes, really. but not so knowledgeable or they would dump me, huh?] who say that heavy metal is the only music that is talking about the state of world politics today [I would add rap music]. Some of it [and rap] is just shock rock but some of it has a message [and the apathy we see today... people need terribly terrific shocks just to wake them up for a few seconds. Am I right? Well, I would bet heavy metal musicians think so].

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