Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pittsburgh Steelers channel: NFL Football

We are adding a lot of channels these last few weeks - football channels.

We are adding one for every NFL football team.

The Pittsburgh Steelers seemed to be one of the favorites [or not :-)]. We have already added others too: the Oakland Raiders for example.

It is funny... most of the teams do not do all that well. I mean, 32 teams, only 2 get to the super bowl, and one of them loses even that. But most of the fans are kind of good natured about it all. Yeah, they often hate / despise / ridicule / laugh-out-load at their coaches, and sometimes particular players - but it is not like they expect the team to ever do well. They are kind of used to the idea that their team just doesn't do all that well for the most part.

Hey, I live outside Denver [the Broncos, in case you have forgotten. I wish we could. ;-)], and my wife is an Raiders fan. So there is absolutely no hope for our future either. :-)

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