Saturday, September 18, 2010

All NFL Football Team channels now present and accounted for

We have a channel for each Pro NFL Football Team.

We will do a separate blog post for each team, eventually, to help people find these channels, but for now, we will link to the presumed super bowl contenders [according to my crystal ball, which is only guaranteed to be right 50% of the time]...

Each of our football team channels has commentary by local blogs and newspapers about their team... and sometimes commentary by displaced fans [those who are not fortunate enough to live in the same city, or even same state, as their favorite team]. We also feature commentary by small media outfits who specialize in coveting specific football teams.

We think this offers the avid football fan the most concentrated dose ever of news and analysis of their team [and their players, great for each weeks fantasy football play-or-not-play decision making time].

The San Francisco 49ers channel.

The New Orleans Saints channel.

Hardly going out on a limb with these two, eh?

And the Denver Broncos.... (just seeing if you are paying attention :-))


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