Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two Teas into One, Apache into Web Servers and now... Model Railroads

Well, it made sense (or rather, the way it was no longer made sense) so now the Teas channel and the More Teas channel are now just one Teas Channel. Yay!

Simpler huh? We need to do this for several other fractured channels... Cats, Animation, Mommies, etc.

We expanded the focus of the Apache channel and changed the name to the Web Servers channel. Music more clear what it is about to non software people - and we can now include Nginx, Varnish (I know, it is only an accelerator, but...) and other types of related web server-ish software on this channel.

Added a new channel: Model Railroads. How many of us played with Lionel Trains Sets? Well, some people still do (the lucky stiffs). Finally found a group of folks who are less likely to have Alexa toolbars than us High-end Audio folk.

And, OK, we are not turning into Twitter (referring to Twitter being down a lot) but we were down a few times today. We are making the transition to a much faster web server (ah, now you see the connection, huh?) and hopefully overloading the server will be a thing we will all look back on a laugh (yeah, when we are old and senile and laugh at everything. Right now, I can't wait. Senility... come take me away.....)

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