Saturday, June 19, 2010

Expanded the World Cup 2010 Channel

The FIFA World Cup 2010 channel was expanded a little, which means by a lot in terms of number of stories(!) - there is so much going on right now. Hopefully none of the new tweeps and blogs dominates the channel, but it is a little hard to tell right now - keep getting distracted by reading the actual stories. :-) [yes, I know smiley faces are passe, but *I* still like them ;-)]

This World Cup is supposed to be (I read somewhere) 264 times as popular as the super bowl here in the U.S. (obviously this is globally, of course). Very impressive.

We sure hope our special FIFA World Cup 2010 channel is up to it (there ARE other World Cups out there, so some people add the FIFA in front of it. Such a confusing world, tell me about it). It kind of splits the stories with our usual, everyday Soccer channel (which most people in the world cal football. See? Confusing.)

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