Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Channels and an Update

Been too long since the last update. oops.

Not sure how long it has been, so perhaps we mentioned some of these before...

We started the Pro Wrestling channel. There were a surprising number of quality wrestling blogs - and it was a blast. Finally, sports stars who are SUPPOSED to be bad. The badder the better. How much fun is that!

Over the holidays the anemic BBQ and Ice Cream channels were 'beefed' up. Also added a Hot Sauce channel (a friend of ours once started a small Hot Sauce store. Boy that was fun to shop in)

Added a few city channels. We are starting with well-known, destination-type cities, in this case Boulder, Colorado; Santa Cruz, California, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is kind of an experiment, on many levels. Interesting to see if you all like these channels. Being 3 of our favorite cities, they were certainly fun to do. Very different from each other, these cities are.

On a related theme, as we build out the foodies channels, we significantly expanded the Bay Area Foodie channel. Not yet complete, but foodies (who we define as people who eat and drink the best, and write about it, and who may or may not cook) are certainly some of the luckiest people ever - or more precisely, being a foodie sounds like a lot of fun, it being around supper time here... :-).

Finally we added a Justin Bieber channel - he being the most popular guy on Twitter it seems like he deserves a channel to himself, and, on a completely different note, the Game Development channel. Although the Game Development channel is in the Software category, it includes deep analysis of game design, the gaming industry and other topics central to developing games but not necessarily involving software.

Well, that's it... for now!

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