Monday, June 7, 2010

Movers and Shakers

Funny expression, isn't it?

Some of the... up and coming channels, rising in popularity quite quickly are somewhat surprising until one actually looks at the channels...

For example, one might think that the Justin Bieber channel would be hot, because it is so hot over on Twitter [though we just added it a few days ago... hmmm. pardon me but I think my brain melted and is no longer functioning up to spec].

So, a few happy happy channels are the Celebrity Shoes channel, the Celebrity Babies channel, the Tattoos and Body Art channels.

We have quite a few shoe channels at this point:

The main Shoes channel. Mostly high fashion shoes.

The Athletic Shoes channel. Nike and Adidas and their competitors

The Sneakers channel. (Kind of athletic shoes for people who want to play tennis or want to spend less money, lol)

And, soon, the Cowboy Boots channel

[By the way, you can see the most popular channels yourselves by hovering the mouse over the 'Popular' channel]

Another recently popular channel is the Golfing channel [whose name we changed from 'Playing Golf' a few days ago... good move, huh?]

The Google Android Phone channel has been quite successful for awhile now [though we are having to cut back severely on the number of androlib's posts - or discontinue it completely - we just don't think the readers of this channel want notification of each and every one of 100,000s of apps for the Android].

Well, this was supposed to be just a quick update...

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