Thursday, May 6, 2010

Odds and Ends: Cricket, Football, iPad, Interior Design

Just a few notes.

Working on adding a channel preview feature. This should help get you to the channel of your dreams a mite quicker, as they say.

Added a bunch more blogs and tweeps to the Cricket channel... yesterday? The day before? I only mention this because we think Cricket fans will love this channel. Football fans tell us really love their Football channel - especially Fantasy Football fans who need to know everything about everybody.

We add new tweeps and blogs to the iPad channel all the time. This is one of those rare, rare times where the subject matter (aka iPad) and us (aka Mattters) get to grow together. The topics of other channels, like say Fashion, have been around a wee bit longer than we have :-)

Today we added the Interior Design channel as a first class channel. We have Freshome to thank for reminding us to get off our butts on this (speaking of lazy us, we also have IndiaVision to thank for reminding us to make Cricket a real channel). Thanks!

And thanks to all of you. Just let us know if we can make following your interests easier or even MORE fun!

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