Saturday, May 22, 2010

Updates, Vampires, Wrestling and Tennis

Working on Sports Saturday... how typical.

Slowed down the popups for each channel at the top of the page... it was acting too much like those annoying ads everybody seems to have on the top of their pages these days. So now, you have to put the mouse on a channel, and leave it there, and THEN you get the popup and get to see all the sub-channels and their top stories.

OK, added to the Vampires channel, especially stories about Twilight...

Added a brand spanking new channel: the Pro Wrestling channel. Used to be a real fan, but have been very slack the last few years. Bad me.

Added another channel: the Pro Tennis channel. The French Open is happening NOW, and besides, it is so sunny out (finally!!!) perfect tennis weather.

OK, what should be next....? Suggestions? :-)

1 comment:

  1. hey there. i thought you could add this very cool video of the parade organized in spain for the storm troopers anniversary

    and what about some travel and oncoming events in town section?