Monday, May 10, 2010

Music and the Hip Hop and Rap Channels

The Hip Hop and Rap Channels are two of our most popular Music channels.

In fact, Hip Hop and Rap musicians, especially those just starting out, are some of our most avid supporters (thanks everybody!) and we try our best to support them as well.

We created a couple of special channels: the hip hop labels and artists channel and the rap labels and artists channel.

These channels are for musicians to talk about themselves, their own music, bands, etc. [as opposed to people who talk about Rap or Hip Hop music in general). We have snoopdogg and llcoolj, for example, on these channels.

So if you are new and struggling (and this applies to everybody out there, whether you make music, shoes or space shuttles) and want some exposure on our site, create a blog. Post about your music, your inspiration, your day at the studio, what software you use if you use software, what instruments you use, your hopes and dreams...

Post about everything - and post photos! - everyone from young musicians to music lovers want to know all this stuff. Post at least twice a month, and less than 5 times per day :-). Then send us a link to your blog. If you don't want us to accidentally put you blog in the wrong channel, let us know which channel you think people will most likely want to see you in.

And if you are more of a Tweep than a blogger - that's cool. We try not to post tweets that just chit-chatting with friends but we love tweets that are directed to the (your!) worldwide audience. And not tweets that say when you arrived at the studio but rather tweets that talk about how you all came up with a really cool riff but it took a long time to get there and you thought you were going to die before it got done. Or someone dropped a synth on a guitar and now they both sound a lot better.

And try to include a few photos using tweetphoto or twitpic. Everyone likes photos - don't really matter what it is a photo of.

We'll have a lot more options in the future, but for now, this should hopefully help you get the Word Out.

And thanks! We really appreciate all your support.

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