Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bits and Pieces

We continue to add world class bloggers and tweeps to all of the 600 odd channels.

For example, the Pets channels

Like Cokie the Cat (Thanks Cokie!) Cat bloggers are always so nice, and so upbeat. If you are ever feeling down to start taking like too seriously, check out the cat channels: Cats, Kitties and Kitty Cats. (Oh, and I am sure that Cokie would want me to mention that she is an editor over at the Anipal Times blog as well).

Now, someone might think we are being a wee bit silly with having all these channels for cats. And we do not really look at each cat that is posting and decide, at some point, "Oh! this kitty is now a kitty cat, we better move them to the kitty cat channel". In fact, there is no difference between these channels: they cover the same topic - except that they contain completely different bloggers and tweeps and therefore completely different stories.

Does this make sense? Well, it did at 2:00am when we made them, but... what do you think? Should we collapse them into one channel - the Cats channel?

Let us know if you have an opinion, and also.

[you might notice we are linking to the Tribune view of the pages. People seem to like the Tribune as much as the Gazette views, and so we are trying to expose more people to the Tribune]

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