Thursday, May 6, 2010

Horror Movies and Scary Cinema

All the channels are so much fun to assemble, but few are hilarious and horrific at the same time. Especially considering how we stay away from politics for the most part.

But the Horror Movies channel was a blast.

First you have all the wonderfully GRUEsome photos.

Then there is the passion, most horror film bloggers post everyday.

Then you have the wonderful blog names:


Blog of Frankenstein!

And Now the Screaming Starts (had to go run and tell my spousal unit about this name)


and many more...

The Cult Movies channel wasn't too boring either.

Before we started doing Mattters, I had NO IDEA there were blogs like this [and yes, we do indeed need MORE horrific tweople to add to this channel. Anybody got any recommendations?].

Not sure these guys and gals will help any of us get a good nights sleep... but at least we will know what to do when Dracula comes knocking.

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