Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27: An Update

Always expanding channels and creating new ones it seems.

Expanded our coverage for the iPhone SDK channel for developers of iPhone apps. It is called the iPhone SDK channel instead of the, for example, iPhone Development channel because most people seem to search for the SDK when they search for this type of information.

Ah, we are all slaves to the search engines.

Of course, researching the iPhone SDK permitted us to expand the main iPhone news channel, the Apple News channel and even the Android Developers channel.

You may notice that sometimes we link to the default, Gazette view of a channel and sometimes to the larger, Tribune view of a channel. Personally I am growing more fond each day of the Tribune version, but it is slower to load sometimes than the Gazette - so in fairness to people with a slower connection, we link to the Gazette version more often than not.

We added a Pakistan News channel recently. This is kind of an experiment... We get a lot of Pakistani visitors (hi!) but if the Pakistan government decides not to like our site because of our news channel, then they will end up getting LESS information than more, which is the whole point of adding the channel in the first place. We'll see.

We significantly expanded the GLBT channels. This includes the Gays, Lesbians, and LGBT channel. As with the men channel and the women channel, we want the channels to be no more risque than, say, your average cable TV channel. Just not a problem we see (yet!) with, say the Android Phone Development channel! [and why the Gay and Lesbian channels are plural and the Men and Women channels are not... couldn't tell ya. We'll probably change them to be one or the other... eventually.]

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