Thursday, August 12, 2010

Updates and Coming Attractions

By now you have probably noticed that the look and feel of the channels, especially the header, is a little different. We simplified it and compressed it a little - hopefully people like the change.

We also removed the options for the other page views besides 'tribune' (which is now the default view). It was the overwhelming favorite and we apologize to people who liked the other views - but hopefully this simplifies things further for both the casual and addicted visitor.

In a day or two we will be adding many new channels - mostly on the Learning channel. I am currently adding the Grammar channel, and boy oh boy does it ever make me self-conscious typing this right now. I am OK at punctuation, bad at grammar, and terrible at spelling [for my who life I thought grammar was spelled grammer until a few hours ago :-)].

Anyway, as big fans of education and science and math and whatnot this is just too much fun. We tell ourselves it is just in time for the Fall semester - but seriously, who cares? Knowledge is timeless. [yes, we considered calling the top level channel 'Knowledge' instead of 'Learning' - but thought knowledge was too much like 'reference' and learning is a more dynamic word and more representative of the Hunt for Truth [as opposed to the Acquisition of Truth, which in itself may be impossible - assuming some kind of asymptotic process is involved here].

And, before the onslaught: my apologies to the Grammar Police! :-)

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