Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Channels for the old Noggin

Some days I write posts and I am in a Weirrrrrrrd mood.

These first few channels are about school, which are under attack these days - mostly by the very people who did not do so well in school. Funny how that works, huh? Well, we are big fans of public and higher education here [yes, OK, even grammar, *sigh*] and woefully under-paid teachers [yes, you read that correctly. Anyone who has to put up with kids like me is by definition under paid :-)].

Hence our passion for our Learning channels.

We got the Teachers channel - articles and comments by teachers and professors about their day to day lives, mostly. This is different from our Teaching channel, which is about how to better teach students about things.

Speaking of students... there is the Students channel - something I can relate to with passion, I think, because even though I often considered a career as a professor (and somewhat regret not making that choice) I was a student for a major chunk of my life - as were most of us.

Finally, there is the Education channel. This is about education policy and programs and funding and hopefully minimal politics.

OK, for good old hard science we have the Chemistry channel and Electrical Engineering channels. The Chemistry channel includes some pharma and chemE and bioChem stuff - hard to know where to draw the line. And the EE channel - where are all the bloggers? EE, especially circuit analysis, is great for teaching Math: starting to forget but I think that includes Calculus, Matrices, Difference Equations, Laplace and other transforms...

Which brings up a recurring issue here - where are all the introductory subject bloggers? Have they all burnt out, now that blogging is, what, 5 years old now? Sure, beginning EE was all the rage in the olden days, with kids building Heath Kits and crystal radios etc., so maybe it is just not currently popular? [we'll check into computer building / modding and see if we can find some oriented towards kids] And what about intro geometry, and algebra, or esoterica like truth tables and the afore mentioned difference equations? All suitable for pre-college discussion so... where IS everybody? We have a few people in our Basic Math channel - but considering the relative importance of all this to the future of the English-speaking world... Houston, We got us a problem.

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