Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fashion in the top 30: Celebrity Fashion, Fashion News, Mens Fashion, Sneakers, and Shoes

The fashion channels are another group of topics that are well represented in today's top 30 channels on Mattters. It makes sense - fashion blogs are very popular and active on the internet as a whole. And, face it, beautiful people, beautiful clothes... whats not to love?

The main Fashion channel is the most popular of the group, coming in at number 8. This main fashion channel contains many of the other fashion channels - which means there are a lot of stories each day. Usually so many stories that they only stay on page 1 for only a few hours - ending up on page 2, 3 or whatever.

Celebrity Fashion is at number 10 on the list. We talked about this channel in the last post - but suffice it to say: combine the best looking people with what can be the most expensive clothes - and you get a very fun channel.

At number 12, we see the Fashion News channel. This channel is part of the main fashion channel, we talked about above, but carries primarily the major fashion zine stories. The major players one might say.

The Sneakers channel is at number 13. Jumping ahead we also have the Shoes channel at number 28. Shoes are popular on Mattters, and we created a Shoe Mattters channel on Twitter to see if we can help everybody keep track of shoe news and stories while they are tweeting. This can get confusing if you realize that celebrity shoes (and cowboy boots) are part of the shoes channel and sneakers are part of the men's fashion channel.

And, speaking of the Men's Fashion channel, it comes in at number 17. Not too shabby. Yay for men. [We are skipping Lifestyle, at number 16, because, although it does contain all of fashion, it also has Luxury, Cigars, Watches and stuff].

At number 20, finally, we have the Fashion Addict channel. The goal of this channel was to include the writings of the most passionate, the most addicted, fashion followers. Those who lust after the clothes they can't afford and then buy them anyway. You know. Sex in the City but times 10. And no sex. Sometimes it is a hard to see if a particular blogger goes on this channel or another... it is mostly up to the blogger themselves and whether they can moderate their addiction [bad] or not [good] :-)

OK. That just about wraps it up for fashion. There are a few other fashion channels - but as you can see - they are quite popular and well-represented in the top 30. So... enjoy!

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