Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Music Mattters

There are lots of music channels on Mattters. We also have a Music Mattters channel on Twitter and a Music Mattters page on Facebook.

Several of the music channels are in the top 30. The main music channel is at number 10. This is a good starting point if you like lots of different kinds of music.

At number 11, there is the Hip Hop News channel, with the main Hip Hop channel at number 20 on the daily top channels chart. We recently expanded these channels and they are quite busy - Hip Hop is continuing to bust out and conquer more and more music lovers, it has become a major music genre.

At number 17 we see the Music Downloads channel. This is somewhat a misnomer - that although the bloggers on this channel seem to be more likely to post MP3 cuts - they do not always do so. The music genres represented here are primarily Hip Hop with a mix of a little everything thrown in. We have ideas for this channel - we can make it faster, stronger, ... better :-)

At number 18 we have Pop Music. This is probably mostly due to the Justin Bieber sub-channel, but we also have Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Madonna sub-channels here as well - all of which might be considered to be one of those kind of big stars.

Finally, at number 28 on your Mattters dial, we have the Rap Music channel. The Rap channel was in the top 30 several months ago [our early days] - and it is good to see it back here again.

Play on!

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