Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back-to-School - More Learning Channels

For those going back to school in a few weeks or those who just like to learn new things or those who just want to keep up with new ideas and discoveries... we added many new learning channels.

A few examples... the Geology channel - everyone stares at bizarre rock formations and wonders why, at least we do a lot of that here in the U.S. Rocky Mountains.

Then we have the Psychology channel. Psychology seemed to enter the pop culture in the 60s, when a copy of Psychology Today was a MUST on the hip's coffee table. It hasn't got any less popular since then - as we all try to figure the other guy out and just what makes them DO that.

There are many more which we will talk about in the future. Most of the channels are at the college level - for some reason it being quite hard to find people talking at the introductory level. Perhaps this is symptomatic of the 'intellectual divide' - nobody is out there trying to bridge the gap?

Science News is one of our older channels, but it has gotten some additional news sources recently. This channel covers the latest and greatest general / popular science discoveries, inventions and ideas.

We still have some good amount of work to do on these channels - but at least now one can understand more about where we are heading... .

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