Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The San Francisco Channel

After receiving several requests to add blogs from the SF / Bay Area we decided it was time to add some sunshine-on-a-cloudy-day goodness to the San Francisco channel.

We still need to cover a couple more neighborhoods - Castro and the Financial District come to mind - but, hey, it is a lot better than it was and we hope people will find this grassroots, 'living the life' approach to local news/lifestyle interesting [we sure do!]. We really like the blogs and tweeps who focus and talk about on their lives in the context of San Francisco - as opposed to blogs and tweeps who just happen to live there [see? there is a difference. bloggers and tweeps who just happen to live there are found scattered all over Mattters, from cycling to foodies].

Speaking of foodies, we also have a good, very tasty San Francisco / Bay Area Foodie channel that reviews the best places to eat and drink aka restaurants etc. :-) in the SF, Bay Area. Also the still anemic: Bay Area Cooking channel for people who write about their cooking experiences and prowess, also from the Bay Area.


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