Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our popular Celebrity channels: Gossip, Babies and Fashion, and Celebrities

We have over 700 channels now. When we put together a channel, we have no idea if it will be wildly successful or not. In our opinion, any one of the 700 could one day be wildly popular.

We now list the top 30 channels of the day - on the left side of the page. As you can see, some of the celebrity channels are currently quite popular.

The Celebrity Gossip channel is at number 3. This channel has stories which talk about celebrities in that somewhat snarky tone that has become quite popular. You know, celebrity 'what not to wear's, 'how not to have a successful marriage', 'how to have a surprisingly public affair' ... stuff like that :-)

Another popular celebrity channel is the Celebrity Babies channel at number 5 on our top 30 list. This is more sweet and empathetic than the Celebrity Gossip channel. It kind of gives us a peek at what it is like to be a celebrity and a parent at the same time - or to be a child and have our parents be celebrities. It is something we all might be able to relate to - since many of us were children :-0 and most of us are or will become parents.

Anther celebrity channel on the top 30 is the Celebrity Fashion channel. Lots of photos and discussion about what are the primary trend setters, fashion-wise, of our culture. Celebrities have the money to wear whatever they want and the public eye - so what they wear, we will wear. Within reason of course :-) Kind of. Madonna certainly started a few styles that were not exactly completely within reason but still became very popular nonetheless. Anyway, that is the celebrity fashion channel.

The other celebrity channel in the top 30 is the Celebrities channel. This is what the celebrities themselves have to say. I think of this channel as 'celebrities in their own words'. Never sure how to define celebrities. Something like sports and Hollywood celebs but not authors [they will be found on the book channel]. Anyway, a place to see what they have to say about things - not filtered through the press. Probably need to add several dozen more here [let us know who your favorites are!] - but it is a start and at number 11 in the top 30, it is already very popular.

OK, hoped you enjoyed this little tour. We will be doing several of these in the near future.

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