Friday, August 27, 2010

Always On-screen Facebook and Twitter Buttons

We added two buttons to the right side of the pages in Mattters, one for Twitter and one for Facebook.

You can use these to jet over to, for example, the Music Mattters channel on Facebook or the Music Mattters channel on Twitter (or both) when you are viewing any of the Music channels on Mattters. Hopefully you will like and follow what you see - but that is up to you!

If we do not have a special channel on one of these two sites for the Mattter channel you are on, then clicking on our new buttons will take you to our main Page on Facebook or Mattters account on Twitter. We have 10 Pages now over on Facebook and many times that many on Twitter. If you have an idea for another channel, let us know!

Oh... We will add the very new Like button now offered by Facebook (and no doubt a similar one will be available from Twitter) to our channels in the near future. So keep your eyes peeled (or not. Sounds uncomfortable).

See, Mattters is becoming more social all the time :-)

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