Monday, August 23, 2010

The bigger, bluer titles on some stories

OK, here is what is up with that.

Do you know the feeling of disappointment you get when you click on a link on one of our channels, only to find that the original story has hardly any more information about the story that what you have already read on our site?

We have little tiny photos to show that there are more photos to see by viewing the original story, but what about more text to read?

Well, as you have probably guessed, we now increase the size of the title of stories that have some meat to them. This both serves to prevent some of the frustrations we just mentioned, as well as helping to reward those bloggers that spend quite a bit of time writing substantial stories - their stories now stand out like beacons in the wilderness.

This is not to say that clicking on the other stories won't be rewarding - those few extra tidbits to the storyline can be great and can often completely satisfy our Need to Know at that moment. It is just that now clickers will know more what to expect when they do their clicking. :-)

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