Monday, July 19, 2010

Toys and Diecast Cars (and other Scale Models)

It is finally summer in the Rockies. Whoo Hoo!

Added the Diecast Cars channel. There are some cool toy cars and some cool diecast trucks in there - but it is all Matchbox and HotWheels and others. I used to have a collection - but I guess my Mom thought I was too old for them during one of her 'flea market' phases and so the only ones I have now I collected later in life. I remember getting my wife an scale model Audi TT several years before we could actually afford to get her a real one [which she eventually did].

As for the rest of the channels - this weekend we focused mostly on improving the performance of the underneath - the guts - of the pages - as well as fixing a lot of stupid booboos that seem to pop up faster than weeds in Springtime. Now that we are kind of done with [burnt out on] all that - we can go back to focusing on new channels and beefing up the current ones [except the vegetarian and vegan channels, of course - no 'beefing up' there :-)]

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