Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Best of Mattters: Music, Lifestyle, Everything

Our new home page, Popular Mattters, has been such a hit - that we have added a 'Best Of' page to each and every channel.

A prime example is the Best of Music page. Another is the Best of Lifestyle page. It shows the top stories of the day, week, month and of all times. This helps people who do not visit Mattters several times per day to still see the best stories - especially those channels where the stories zoom off the page within a few hours - there are so many of them.

We are still tuning these pages, trying to get just the right mix of stories. You can see why if you think about it: if it just showed the best scoring stories, then their scores would get higher and higher, while new stories, that might Be Even Better, would have no chance to make it onto the page.

Anyway, these 'best of' pages allow us to feature historical posts and tweets [still working on displaying the scores of the best tweets]. One of our core beliefs is that just because a post is old doesn't make it bad. You can see how similar this is to the short shrift search engines give to some topics... they just do not know what are the GREAT stories (or, for that matter [hmmmm. can barely spell 'matter' correctly anymore :-)], what are the GREAT blogs and tweeps).

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