Friday, July 30, 2010

Bigger, Better, Bolder... the Rap and Hip Hop Channels

Well, maybe not bolder ... they were already pretty darn bold before. ;-)

The Rap Music and Hip Hop Music channels were one of our first Music channels and are now one of the first of many channels we are revisiting to kind of, well, pump them up ... fill them out ... top them off, ... i.e. add some more news sources to them.

Some of the more general, but still somewhat Hip Hop-centric new sources (magazines and blogs), ended up in the Music News channel, or sometimes the Urban Lifestyle channel, or even the Celebrity Gossip channel.

One thing that does seem apparent, from this kind of informal survey of a few hundred Rap and Hip Hop blogs, is that they like to ally themselves more with Hip Hop than Rap - that Rap is apparently not as popular as a draw to their blogs as Hip Hop is. Perhaps because Hip Hop is transforming into Hip Hop+ and expanding into wider and wider spheres of influence? i.e. Hip Hop+Soul, Hip Hop+R&B, Hip Hop+Pop?

I have no freaking idea - but I also wonder if the entrepreneur channel should be linked to the Hip Hop and Rap channels, as things are really happening in these worlds and they are good examples of people 'doing it for themselves' as opposed to 'working for the man'.


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