Sunday, July 25, 2010

Still expanding the Marketing and Advertising and Social Media channels

Seems obvious now, but never really noticed before how much Marketing and Social Media are overlapping these days. Makes sense since marketing is about reaching people and social communities are where lots of people congregate.

You can also throw in SEO (search Engine Optimization) because what better advertising is there than one's own website [OK, perhaps in a perfect world]. And our own Online Advertising channel is stealing the thunder from the Advertising channel because, well, legacy media advertising is on the wane and I guess just not as exciting to most people anymore [our Media News channel has more on this transition from traditional media to...uh... non traditional media].

As you can see, we have a lot of channels, quite active channels in fact, in this general area. We certainly enjoy thinking about and reading about it as much as everyone else. And as far as writing about it... I'll just say that Apple will have a harder time pulling a Microsoft [in terms of completely dominating the hardware, software and advertising platforms] with both Google and Microsoft on the alert. Yes, we also have channels for all three of these companies but the link density here is already a little un-SEO friendly, so we'll pass [but look for them if you are interested - Google is under Internet and Apple and Microsoft are both under Technology]

Merry Marketing!

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