Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Yoga Channels

We are steadily expanding the Yoga channel(s) [thanks to everyone who sent us a link to their blogs!]. We get asked [my wife asks me] why do we have a 'basic' and 'advanced' yoga channel and just what is the differences between them.

In general, and we have pairs of channels like this in other areas of Mattters, we try [mistake prone though we be] to put writers who are writing for beginners in the 'basic' channel and writers who are writing to an audience they expect to already know something about the subject in the 'advanced' channel.

So, for example, the posts and tweets by a teacher with several decades of experience would be found in the 'basic' channel if they are writing for 1st year students, and in the advanced channel if they are writing for other teachers or about teaching in general. For example.

Hope that helps.

We aren't perfect [yet :-)] so if we put somebody in the wrong channel... or if somebody wants to change the focus of their posts/tweets, just let us know and we'll move you to the [any] other channel. Easy as pie.

Oh! We should do a *pie* channel....

[We put a quick link to the Vegetarian channel from the Yoga channel because so many of you are vegetarian (like me) or vegans. Yes, we have a Vegan channel too,  right next to the Vegetarian channel, next to the Raw Food channel.... OK, yes, and next to the Dessert channel too :-)]

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