Wednesday, April 14, 2010

About Tiny Farms

We are going to start something new here on the blog.

As we work on finding the best blogs and tweople for each channel, we notice things about the topic that perhaps others may be interested in. Certainly every topic is unique, and 99% of the topics have at least one person or family member here as a fanatical follower (or they would be fanatical about it if they had the time... ergo the idea behind Mattters).

Tiny Farms. Another name for this channel might be Homesteading. Or Small Farms. Or Family Farms.

The idea was to allow us readers to vicariously experience what it would be live to live in the countryside and raise some crops, perhaps some animals, and all those other things us city-folk have no idea what they are. And, of course, it allows the Tiny Farmers to have a channel where they can see each others posts in a friendly attractive (we hope!) format.

I guess we should say something here about politics and religion. Some of the tiny farmers are somewhat, shall we say, outspoken on these topics [some channels are more like this than others]. We are OK with following people, in any channel, who speak their minds as long as they (1) primarily focus on (post about) the topic of the channel and (2) are not mean-spirited, snarky, nor, of course, racist, sexist, etc. We want Mattters to be a friendly and welcoming, albeit sometimes high-spirited, place to hang out in this troubled world of ours.

Tiny Farmers are a sociable community, and often link to each other's blogs. This happens more with some channels than others - and it is always nice to see. Makes one feel like everybody is friends with everyone else, and helping each other out - much like the frontier days of  old.

I am learning a lot from this channel already - like how many animals have their offspring in the early Spring [I thought farm animals were born/hatched more or less at any time of the year]. There are  more GREAT tiny farm blogs and tweople we do not carry yet - please, as always, send us your suggestions if you have them.


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