Saturday, January 2, 2010

Adding Science Fiction

Added Sci Fi to Mattters. First we started with Star Trek. We thought about separating TOS from TNG but it seemed like many blogs cover both. So they are currently on the same page.

Then, of course, there is the movie versus the TV series, and Deep Space Nine and Star Trek:Enterprise (which the SyFy channel is no longer running, the losers) the cartoon and...

Because of all the different media involved, we felt it better to put it under sci-fi and sci-fi outside any movie versus book versus TV versus comic book categories. It subsumes them.

We also squeezed the Star Wars channel into the release. We were kind of curious to see how the blogs were different from the Star Trek blogs - but didn't really draw any firm conclusions.

Found quite a few science fiction blogs. Quite active. Some cool names, too. Our favorites: Geeks of Doom and runner up: Starship Sofa.

We separated out the blogs of authors, publishers and magazines - just because, well, to divide things up somehow.  We gave them the more formal science fiction industry channel.

We looked for several authors blogs - but we forgot they had passed away. Looked for Neal Stephenson, but I remember reading where he keeps focused on his writing and eschews blogs and email. Greg Bear only posts very infrequently. We'll have to come back to this and go through all the authors we can think of.

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