Sunday, February 28, 2010

Catching Up

A number of things are happening... and we'll parsel them out to Twitter in a second, but for now let's chat here...

In kind of reverse order - because that is just the kind of people we are :-) ...

We are rebuilding all the pages this weekend - sorry for any slowness you all may encounter. This should make the archives much more consistent over time AND allow us all to page through the Gazette pages like we do the Timeline pages. In fact, it is actually nicer now in the Gazette pages because we can click to go back and forward through the days of the week whereas in the Timeline we can only  go  back 10  pages (doh! Now  we need to work on the Timeline some more).

We are now limiting the number of tiny thumbnails that we display for a story to 10. It is so nice to see them all, but when they get up to 60 photos (like on the Manga channels!) it was causing the pages to load more slowly and we think that perhaps people already get the idea that seeing those thumbnails means they should click to go to the full story and see the photos live and beautiful and in person.

As always, we appreciate any feedback! Otherwise we just plug along making what WE want to use to pursue our own interests.

Speaking of which - this is so much fun. We had all these interests that we wanted to pursue but did not have the time to search for the 'good  stuff'. I, personally, am finding that a lot of  interests I had more or less abandoned because of lack of  time I can now, once again, enjoy. And there are the new interests (like Manga) that I wanted to explore more (I am a Marvel man) but did  not know how to - again - go about it.

Which brings up the new 'superuser' channels on Mattters. Each person gets their own channel on Mattters, and can follow (subscribe) to one or more channels to  create their merged 'super' channel. This  is still being fleshed out  as we chat here - and we have a lot more ideas to make your channel and home pages on Mattters a place where it will be EASIER STILL to follow ALL of your interests.


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